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This article is specific to v2.5

Other verisons:
2.2 · 2.3 · 2.4 · 2.5 · 2.6

Official Description

The Close Combat skill represents a soldier's proficiency with close-ranged weapons. A soldier with a high Close Combat skill is better at aiming a pistol at a fast moving enemy, and can also wield a blade better in combat, increasing damage dealt. Fire modes affected by the Close Combat skill are always short range and have relatively low TU costs.

Battle Implications

Close Combat or Secondary weapons are useful anytime you can't or shouldn't fire your primary weapon. A typical example is when a friendly would be in the blast radius of an explosive weapon. Some players also like to use one of their soldiers as a "Corpsman" or dedicated medic. This type of character will carry the Medikit in one hand and a pistol [or other one-handed weapon] in the other.

After combat has moved inside a building or ship, range becomes less important, while TU usage becomes more important. Close Combat weapons shine in such cases.


Additionally, if you use the "Bludgeon" patch, then all firearms have an additional fire mode called "Bludgeon". Regardless of the weapon, bludgeon attacks always use Close Combat skill.

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