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The EMFText script editor tries to provide an editor with syntax highlighting, script code navigation and additional restriction checks. It is based on EMFText, which provides a framework to generate all needed files from a simple syntax model.

As EMFText and UfoEditor are work in progress, there are some things that have to receive attention: - As for now, we need the current trunk version of EMFText, so see this Team Project Set to check out and get the required plugins for extending the UfoEditor plugins. You won't need those for just using the plugins. - EMFText requires Eclipse EMF Feature - As EMFText has (known) problems with duplicate keywords, some of the syntax scripts have to be altered until EMFText provides a better solution (scannerless parsers)


UfoEditor is automatically associated with *.ufo files if the project has the appropriate project nature.


Model Plugin:

  • model/ufo.ecore: Model for syntax elements
  • model/ufo.genmodel: needed file for code generation
  • model/ufo.cs: Main Syntax file, contains references to syntax modules
  • model/ufo*.cs: syntax modules for easier handling
  • src/...: generated classes for model

Main Editor Plugin:

  • src/...resource.ufo.analysis: reference resolvers
  • src/...resource.ufo.analysis.finder: reuseable resolver stubs, rely on cache
  • src/...resource.ufo.cache: current cache implementation, CacheAdder knows which values must be added to cache.

Extend UfoEditor

Basically these steps are necessary to extend:

  1. make your changes to sub-cs file
  2. regenerate code for sub-cs file and main cs file
  3. for now: delete UfoPlugin from MainEditorPlugin/src-generated/...mopp, it gets overridden by generation, but original version is needed until better cache solution is found (EMFText Sokan is currently in evaluation)

Additional Stuff

  • additional post processors for syntax checks (e.g. correct path usage for icons/models) may be registered to UfoOptionProvider
  • for now CacheAdder has to be extended if other objects have to be cached to be resolved later via cache


  • special token definitions used in sub-cs files must also be included in main cs file
  • Choices won't be recognized without proper parenthesis around them, so don't forget to add them
  • order of defines token definitions determines, which ones get higher priority