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This was an idea I had for an early-game piece of equipment to improve accuracy that could be researched and deployed quickly, giving all soldiers a bonus and providing a substantive alternative to equipping everyone with IR-Goggles. --H-hour 11:08, 9 October 2012 (SAST)

The Situational Awareness Combat Telescopic Sight (SACTS) consists of a tiny (invisible) camera mounted on a soldier's weapon. The camera is connected to a small lens in front of the soldier's eye (which we won't display on the model). This method is designed to free the soldier's view at all times. The camera is activated through a small (again, for our purposes, invisible) button attached to the weapon and easily triggered on and off by a spare finger. This allows a soldier maximum situational awareness and the ability to zero in on a target a split second before firing, increasing accuracy without degrading visibility, as weapon-mounted scopes typically do.

The storyline could say that this was in the later testing phases towards the end of the (pre-game) war. Prototypes bounced around the private sector for years, but the unobtrusive scope system was just not necessary in the competition target shooting world, so it was never fully adopted. Phalanx can revive the project, run some important tests on it and get a blueprint into the workshops quickly.

Required Changes

  • New feature that would allow a particular weapon to effect weapon stats. I would see the script looking like this:
item combat_scope
	name		"_SACTS Weapon Scope"
	model		"weapons/combat_scope/combat_scope"
	thrown		false
	headgear	false
	effects {
		accuracy 0.9
  • Weapon accuracy reduced to compensate for improvements given by the scope.
  • Maybe some way to specify weapons that are not effected by this piece of headgear -- knives, rifles which already have scopes, grenades, etc.