Proposals/Obsolete Proposals/Tech Tree Adjustments


Some quick thoughts on our tech tree and possible adjustments. --H-hour 22:10, 14 May 2012 (SAST)

1. Hybrid/Unexpected Soldier Weapons: Our soldier weapons tech tree is very straightforward. We find a weapon and then research it. We only have two weapons which emerge indirectly from research: the Coilgun (Bolter + Needler) and the Alien Stun Grenade (from alien autopsies). What about generating some ideas for new weapons that come from unexpected ideas?

2. Aircraft Tech Path: Our aircraft techs develop in a very linear fashion. Antimatter + Alien Propulsion lead to the Dragon, which leads to Starchaser, which leads to Stingray. No new alien research is necessary for any of these. The same is true with the dropships. Discovering an alien base leads to the Herakles, which leads to the Raptor. Perhaps we should add in some new tech requirements for the craft?

3. Integrate Storyline and Equipment: Research on our storyline is almost completely separate from development of weapons and equipment. Maybe we could think of some equipment that emerges indirectly from some of the storyline research?

4. There is a long string of tech that results in The Universal Serum, where the player is supposed to develop a drug to make the aliens tell the truth. But then the tech tree stops, and the player is rewarded with nothing. The Alien Mind > Odd Behaviour > Alien Communication > The Universal Serum

5. There seem to be two texts that "discover" XVI. New Twist discoveres it in the aliens. Enemy on Earth discovers it in the humans. But both texts are written like we've never heard about it.

6. Alien Strategy becomes available after New Twist is researched. But the two items don't seem logically connected. New Twist is about XVI, while Alien Strategy is about the alien strategy. Perhaps we should disconnect these items.