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The Enemy On Earth -- Revisited

TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command FROM: Col. Ingrid Falkland, Intelligence Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command DATE: %02i %s %i SUB: Proposal: Alien Infiltration

Good morning, Sir.

I've been working on your request for accurate intelligence about the level and concentration of XVI infection among the general population, and I think my department and I have found a solution.

I won't pretend to understand all of Dr. Connor's research on the topic of alien psionic activity, but there are some things in his files that catch my eye. The possibility of using psionic spies for our side has appealed to me since our very first human tests. Unfortunately, the technology hasn't been available, and PHALANX doesn't have the manpower or resources to fuel a worldwide effort.

We propose to change all that.

By establishing contact with the upper echelons of UN members, under extremely tight operational security, we can gradually bring them in on our psionic programs -- letting them know we have these capabilities and sharing some of them -- if they provide us with what we need. Exactly how it will shake out, I couldn't tell you, but we'll certainly end up with a better picture of XVI spread and progress across the world. That's worth any cost.

With kind regards, Col. Falkland

TO: Base Commander, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command FROM: Col. Ingrid Falkland, Intelligence Division, PHALANX, Atlantic Operations Command DATE: %02i %s %i SUB: Re: Alien Infiltration

Good morning, Sir. I have a full report for you regarding our solution to the lack of intel about XVI's activities on Earth.

You'll find the precise details of the overall strategic plan in the attached file. To put it simply, we'll be working with a number of existing national intelligence agencies, which -- with our assistance -- will train teams of psionically capable operatives and station them in key positions all over the globe. These operatives will make daily reports about any XVI psionic influence that they can sense. Multiple agents will be stationed separately and independently in each area, without knowledge of each other's whereabouts, identities or even their existence. This will reduce the risk of information contamination and immediately alert us to any alien subversion.

We'll be using a modified version of Dr. Connor psionic virus, which will allow these non-PHALANX operatives to passively and reliably sense psionic activity but has been neutered to keep the operative's developing psionic talents to a minimum. Connor tells me the modified strain will function as an XVI vaccine in itself, but no third party will be able to use it to produce combat-viable psionics. Reverse-engineering it would require years of work in a PHALANX-grade lab without a significant understanding of the viral genome.

I've applied your authorisation to begin immediate prep for this deployment plan. You can expect the first results very soon.

With kind regards, Col. Falkland