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Monthly update for January, 2016

  • Fixed #5468 Add confirmation popup for destroying an Alien Container
  • Fixed #5568 (Reaction fire doesn't work well)
  • LUA UI integration: fix on main.ufo (leftover from debugging)
  • LUA UI integration: update ufox lua library
  • Extracted HUD inventory/stats window to own file and converted it to LUA.
  • Fixed parsing of confunc arguments in UI_ExecuteLuaConFunc()
  • Add LUA based confuncs to iherited confunc test unit.
  • Add ufo.get_window to LUA UI API.
  • Trying to get confuncs overriden from LUA work.
  • Enable inheritance for UI nodes created from LUA.
  • Better error handling for LUA UI utility functions.
  • [Blender md2 addon] Avoid wobbling in static vertices from MD2 files exported via the Blender plugin

In total, 16 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in January.


Monthly update for December, 2015

  • Fixed #5562 (Stunned marker has no levelflags)
  • Map [+forest] - fixed #5563: impassable tiles on a few maps
  • Map [+forest] - fixed some glitches in ground around well in
  • Map [+desert] - updated
  • Maps [+industrial] - some additional cover in
  • Maps [+b] - prevent Phalanx disabling the wallbreak from inside the powerplant
  • Maps [+b] added message and desc properties to misc_mission in
  • Prefabs - updated cars/
  • added prefab for Abrams tank model
  • added *.md2 version of *.obj files for abrams model

In total, 11 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in December.


UFOAI is now officially in Debian

Thanks a lot to Markus for the hard work to make ufoai officially available in Debian:

This is a great milestone in the development and I would like to thank everyone who made this possible.