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|title=Congratulations, it's a..... awesome game
|title=Congratulations, it's a..... awesome game
At 12:53 MET UFO: Alien Invasion was reborn into a world without alien wars. We are proud to give it the name [[Changelog/2.5|2.5]].
At 12:53 MET UFO: Alien Invasion was reborn into a world without alien wars. We are proud to give it the name [[Changelog/2.5|2.5]].

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Congratulations, it's a..... awesome game

At 12:53 MET UFO: Alien Invasion was reborn into a world without alien wars. We are proud to give it the name 2.5.

At the time we released 2.4 (2012-05) we planned to put out the next release a lot faster. So much for the theory. It took us more than two years to release the version 2.5. This version is the next big milestone for making the game feature complete. We took the time to balance and tweak a lot on the campaign to improve the fun and replayability for all of you.

As a sidenode we have replaced all our assets with Debian compatible licenses which will hopefully bring us a lot more players since we now can be part of the big Debian/Ubuntu universe. It only took us a few years to reach this goal. Thanks for everyone to support us.

Make sure to check out the Changelog and download the game. We hope to be able to provide some more binaries and installers in the next few days. Hopefully we will be available via apt-get install ufoai on Debian and Ubuntu very soon, too.

You should also make sure to not miss the next big think we are working on since a few months now. The ui redesign. This is what we are going to call 2.6. The majority of this version will be about ui. Let's see how long it'll take to release that baby.

Please make sure to spread the word on facebook, twitter, blogs or whatever other social media channel you use. Reviews would be awesome, too - please let us know about them (so that we can link them). But most importantly - go and play the game!


Monthly update for May, 2014

  • UI
    • Updated won/lost screens
    • Updated the research screen
    • Updated the base attack popup
    • Renamed nodes
    • Improved widescreen support
    • UFOPedia: Small model is now hidden when the big picture is chosen.
    • Changed sequence color to white
    • Added ui_restart console command to test ufo script file changes without a restart
    • Fixed #5320 (Hitting close button in mailclient different from hitting esc)
  • Battlescape
    • Fixed #5318 (IR goggles don't work)
    • Improved the lua AI
    • Autostand for the AI.
    • Adjusted the AI 'hiding' a bit.
    • Tweaked the AI damage scoring a bit.
    • Adjust the AI friendly fire check.
    • Fixed: AI considering their own weapon instead of the enemy's when hiding
  • Maps
    • +solarplant: Fixed minor pathing issue
    • mine: Fixed unpassable square
    • office: Fixed some impassable squares
  • General
    • First attempts to make aircraft types scriptable

In total, 306 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in May.


Next licensing step

Our final goal for the licensing was reached today. We are now fully Debian compliant. This is true for both 2.6-dev and 2.5. You can find the list of licenses here.

We can now finally prepare the 2.5 release and we really hope that we are a part of the Debian world from that release on. We would reach a lot more users with that and hopefully would also get some new contributors.

Stay tuned for the monthly that is hopefully going to be posted soon.


The Ninex.info Server Team is once again in need of your help.

The server is currently hosting Two projects: "UFO: Alien Invasion," and "OpenXcom."
To continue providing hosting services we will need to raise funds for the coming year, to pay for both the service and possibly some new hardware, or a new server computer altogether, especially if such services are to be provided free of advertisements on the project websites.

In addition to the two projects mentioned, we also host additional programming and development tools for the community, including a snapshot autobuilder for OpenXcom, and a buildbot for UFO: Alien Invasion.
We also welcome new projects that are freely available and preferably open-source in nature, and hope to continue to provide tools for the community to grow, but we will need your help and support to do so.

Please consider a donation for our cause, which you can give via the following link:

For European Users (EUR):
For USA Users (USD):

Donate Bitcoin
We sincerely thank you for any support you provide.


Monthly update for April, 2014

  • Battlescape
    • Added stun damage bar to the hud
    • Make smoke from grenades cause a small amount of stun damage
    • Actors now also touch triggers at the start of the round
    • Made stunned actors affected by fire fields and other hurt triggers
    • Made use of the new weather system
    • Also remove the stunnedactor particle when the actor dies!
    • Remove stunnedactor particle when the actor perishes.
    • Send death/stun states for invisible actors.
  • Maps
    • +resort: Minor fixes
    • +frozen: Minor fixes
    • +village2: New 2x2 map tile
    • +city3: Updated
    • +village2: Add connector tile and assembly
    • Updated various prefabs
  • Translations
    • Italian translation update #5300

In total, 145 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in April.


CaveExpress source code release

As promissed, the CaveExpress source code is now available on http://github.com/mgerhardy/caveexpress. The source is released under the GPL3 and the game data is released under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


Monthly update for March, 2014

  • Maps
    • +harbour some minor fixes
    • +city3 updated
  • Scripting
    • Fixed assert for MAX_AMMOS_PER_OBJDEF
    • Attempt to improve alien team and equipment definitions
    • Updated cities.ufo
  • Sounds
    • Fixed sounds with a bad sample rate (Thanks to Crystan)
  • UI
    • Correctly update info on actor wounds when opening the inv/stats window.
    • Added toggle rescue zone button
    • New mapicons for a lot of maps
    • New icons for rescue zone (draft, could be somewhat changed)
  • Battlescape
    • Speedup for rerouting of stacked tiles
    • Fixed an ancient bug in with box traces
    • Bumped bsp version (recompile your maps)
    • AI friendly fire check only used the weapon spread instead of effective spread
    • Attempt to fix #5272 (Smoke grenade, while crouching)
  • General
    • Fixed SV_CompleteMapCommand
    • Fixed Item::getFastestFireDef

In total, 220 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in March.


Monthly update for February, 2014

  • General
    • Lots of code refactoring.
    • UI2 - reworked aircraft panel
    • UI2 - reworked HUD functions
    • Adjustments in AI code.
    • Improved pathfinding code - rerouting for stacked tiles (city2 -40%, mansion_huge -10%
    • Increased MAX_OBJDEFS by two.
    • Implemented FR #5277 (Extend debug info about alien´s inventory/encumbrance)
  • Translations
    • Updated German translation
  • Bugs
    • Fixed bug #5235 (Crash when trying to max researchers in non researchable tech).
    • Fixed a bug in the AI code that was causing the AI to always pick the last entity possible as target.
    • Fixed dependencies in debian/control for newer deb-based distributives.
  • Campaign
    • Implemented FR #4939 (Move aircraft being transfered out from source base so it does not affect capacity checks).
    • Changed option text in aircraft menu to "_Soldiers & Pilots".
    • Fixed possible problem with aliens never equipping Kerrblades.
    • Allow auto-equip to put a weapon in the backpack as last option.
    • Some minor fixes and improvments in equipment definitions.
    • Removed "Soldier entered/left the rescue zone" message.
  • Maps
    • Some minor fixes in harbour2 map.
    • Implemented FR #4988 glowmaps for tex_ufo/ textures.
    • Map [mansion] removed door entities to avoid 'strange-lighting' bug.

In total, 178 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in February.


Monthly update for January, 2014

  • Battlescape
    • Optimized the routing calculation code (speedup round about 33%)
    • Now misc_mission spawned particles are freed correctly
    • Splash effects for weather particles
    • Basic implementation fo FR #5181 (Indicators for aborted reaction fire)
  • General
    • Improved SDL2 fullscreen and resolution handling
    • Updated icon packs and a lot of work on the UI conversion
  • Translations
    • Updated German translation
    • Updated English translation
    • Updated Polish translation
    • Updated Spanish translation
    • Updated Russian translation
    • Updated Ukrainian translation
  • Bugs
    • Fixed #5235 (Crash when trying to max researchers in non researchable tech)
    • Fixed #5249 (Connection to IRC crashes the game when DEBUG_CLIENT is set)
    • Fixed #5146 (stunnedactor particle isn't shown)
    • Fixed #5200 (Game not paused when enemy in sight moves)
    • Fixed #5262 (Q_vsnprintf spamming)
  • Campaign
    • Hire employees by clicking on their heads in base view
    • Added radartower, ufoyard and samsite models to ufopedia
  • Skirmish
    • Increased maximum soldiers limit in skirmish
    • Fix alien skirmish counter
  • Maps
    • +harbour2 (Some minor fixes in mh_a_09.map)

In total, 168 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in January.

A lot of work was made in the UI conversion - ensure to check the latest dev build out.