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File:Village2-newtile1.jpg | New +village2 tile
File:Village2-newtile1.jpg | New +village2 tile
File:Village2-newtile1.jpg | New +village2 tile
File:Village2-newtile2.jpg | New +village2 tile
File:Village2-newtile3.jpg | New +village2 tile
File:Village2-newtile3.jpg | New +village2 tile

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Monthly update for April, 2014

  • Battlescape
    • Added stun damage bar to the hud
    • Make smoke from grenades cause a small amount of stun damage
    • Actors now also touch triggers at the start of the round
    • Made stunned actors affected by fire fields and other hurt triggers
    • Made use of the new weather system
    • Also remove the stunnedactor particle when the actor dies!
    • Remove stunnedactor particle when the actor perishes.
    • Send death/stun states for invisible actors.
  • Maps
    • +resort: Minor fixes
    • +frozen: Minor fixes
    • +village2: New 2x2 map tile
    • +city3: Updated
    • +village2: Add connector tile and assembly
    • Updated various prefabs
  • Translations
    • Italian translation update #5300

In total, 145 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in April.


CaveExpress source code release

As promissed, the CaveExpress source code is now available on http://github.com/mgerhardy/caveexpress. The source is released under the GPL3 and the game data is released under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0.


Monthly update for March, 2014

  • Maps
    • +harbour some minor fixes
    • +city3 updated
  • Scripting
    • Fixed assert for MAX_AMMOS_PER_OBJDEF
    • Attempt to improve alien team and equipment definitions
    • Updated cities.ufo
  • Sounds
    • Fixed sounds with a bad sample rate (Thanks to Crystan)
  • UI
    • Correctly update info on actor wounds when opening the inv/stats window.
    • Added toggle rescue zone button
    • New mapicons for a lot of maps
    • New icons for rescue zone (draft, could be somewhat changed)
  • Battlescape
    • Speedup for rerouting of stacked tiles
    • Fixed an ancient bug in with box traces
    • Bumped bsp version (recompile your maps)
    • AI friendly fire check only used the weapon spread instead of effective spread
    • Attempt to fix #5272 (Smoke grenade, while crouching)
  • General
    • Fixed SV_CompleteMapCommand
    • Fixed Item::getFastestFireDef

In total, 220 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in March.


Monthly update for February, 2014

  • General
    • Lots of code refactoring.
    • UI2 - reworked aircraft panel
    • UI2 - reworked HUD functions
    • Adjustments in AI code.
    • Improved pathfinding code - rerouting for stacked tiles (city2 -40%, mansion_huge -10%
    • Increased MAX_OBJDEFS by two.
    • Implemented FR #5277 (Extend debug info about alien´s inventory/encumbrance)
  • Translations
    • Updated German translation
  • Bugs
    • Fixed bug #5235 (Crash when trying to max researchers in non researchable tech).
    • Fixed a bug in the AI code that was causing the AI to always pick the last entity possible as target.
    • Fixed dependencies in debian/control for newer deb-based distributives.
  • Campaign
    • Implemented FR #4939 (Move aircraft being transfered out from source base so it does not affect capacity checks).
    • Changed option text in aircraft menu to "_Soldiers & Pilots".
    • Fixed possible problem with aliens never equipping Kerrblades.
    • Allow auto-equip to put a weapon in the backpack as last option.
    • Some minor fixes and improvments in equipment definitions.
    • Removed "Soldier entered/left the rescue zone" message.
  • Maps
    • Some minor fixes in harbour2 map.
    • Implemented FR #4988 glowmaps for tex_ufo/ textures.
    • Map [mansion] removed door entities to avoid 'strange-lighting' bug.

In total, 178 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in February.


Monthly update for January, 2014

  • Battlescape
    • Optimized the routing calculation code (speedup round about 33%)
    • Now misc_mission spawned particles are freed correctly
    • Splash effects for weather particles
    • Basic implementation fo FR #5181 (Indicators for aborted reaction fire)
  • General
    • Improved SDL2 fullscreen and resolution handling
    • Updated icon packs and a lot of work on the UI conversion
  • Translations
    • Updated German translation
    • Updated English translation
    • Updated Polish translation
    • Updated Spanish translation
    • Updated Russian translation
    • Updated Ukrainian translation
  • Bugs
    • Fixed #5235 (Crash when trying to max researchers in non researchable tech)
    • Fixed #5249 (Connection to IRC crashes the game when DEBUG_CLIENT is set)
    • Fixed #5146 (stunnedactor particle isn't shown)
    • Fixed #5200 (Game not paused when enemy in sight moves)
    • Fixed #5262 (Q_vsnprintf spamming)
  • Campaign
    • Hire employees by clicking on their heads in base view
    • Added radartower, ufoyard and samsite models to ufopedia
  • Skirmish
    • Increased maximum soldiers limit in skirmish
    • Fix alien skirmish counter
  • Maps
    • +harbour2 (Some minor fixes in mh_a_09.map)

In total, 168 commits were made in the UFO:AI repository in January.

A lot of work was made in the UI conversion - ensure to check the latest dev build out.