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Official webpage address change

Finally UFO: Alien Invasion got own domain. We migrated project web page to


Monthly update for February, 2012

  • UI
    • updated the UFOPedia
    • updated alien containment window
    • updated research window
    • implement baseattack team setup
    • battlescape Inventory now shows rank and name of the selected soldier (campaign mode only)
  • Shaders
    • AMD card issue fixes
    • new low quality world shader
    • closer to OpenGL 3.0 compliance
  • Maps
    • new map +beach RMA
    • new map neighbourhood
    • updated +harbour2 RMA
    • updated +forest RMA
    • updated +mansion RMA
    • two new tiles for +ufocrash RMA
    • fixed +country RMA #3484719
  • Mapeditor
    • added "skip-common" feature for replacing textures
    • kitchen prefab
    • fixed missing font problems
    • fixed compilation for more recent versions of GTK+2.0
    • fixed #3476940 (UFORadiant Clipper-tool feature)
    • added cut option
  • General
    • updated some translations
    • more realistic walk animations for the bloodspider
    • added save support to static campaign save game support
    • reaction fire fixes and tweaks
    • tuned needlers gun
    • fixed forgotten team after skirmish retry
    • replaced unknown licensed media - now only a few models are left
    • prevent story related missions to be done via automission
    • reduced memory usage
    • applied patch #3485108 (Add a power ability training formula)
    • applied patch #3485779 (add bunch of western european and nordic names)
    • new map models
  • Bugfixes
    • fixed a crash on macosx with sdl 1.2.14
    • fixed #3486310 (mouse cursor not switching back)
    • fixed #3485744 (actors won't go through 'reversed' doors)
    • fixed #3463848 (func_door problems)
    • fixed #3486900 (TU values do not always update in HUD))

In total, 266 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in February.


Monthly update for January, 2012

  • Campaign
    • Right-clicking on alien in containment will now open UFOpaedia entry when alien is not yet researched
    • Tweaked the amount of UFOs in a campaign
    • Fixed bug #3285423 - ESC key on victory screen results in no UFO recovery
    • Make missiles miss when aircraft landed
    • Unified geoscape camera control (keys and mouse now both move the camera, not the globe)
    • Prevent installing base defence weapons before buildings fully built up
    • Updated overall base window
  • Renderer
    • Fixed bug #3420462 - fixed animation issues
    • Fixed bug #3288569 - model animation flickers between deadX and deathX animation
    • Updated OpenGL lighting code
    • Updated rescue zone rendering
    • Disable shaders on Intel graphics hardware
    • Updated textures and normalmaps
    • Replaced MAX_GL_TEXTURES limit with dynamically-allocated r_images array
  • UFORadiant
    • Fixed bug #3475262 - level up/down feature not working correctly
    • Added a new texture overview dialog
    • Fixed bug #3474122 - particle selector is broken
    • Fixed segfault on shutdown
  • Maps
    • mansion
    • Fixed RMA problems with forest large
  • Code
    • Added static campaign
    • Make several maps available in skirmish mode
    • Touchscreen drag&drop-like scroll for optiontrees, optionlists, text fields and text lists
  • Artwork
    • Fixed the scaling on the pilot helmet
    • Replacements for bullet-pistol, bullet-pistol2 and bullet-sniper weapon soundfx
    • Recompressed all textures
    • Updated MiniHud
  • Translations
    • Updated some translations

In total, 251 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in January.


Monthly update for December, 2011

  • Artwork
    • replaced last unlicensed textures
    • some new textures and normalmaps
  • Battlescape
    • start developing a new Reaction-Fire system
    • new Rescue Zone marker
  • Campaign
    • added Transferlist popup window
    • fixed Speed ability experience gain
  • HUD
    • discontinued HHUD was removed
    • more work on miniHUD
    • some updates other (default, alt) HUDs
    • new callbacks to cycle through soldiers and enemy backwards (only used on miniHUD yet)
  • Maps
    • added missing rescue zones
    • fixed several assemblies
    • other minor fixes
  • Translations
    • show Languages with native names
    • list every language the game supports
    • allow using languages not detected to be supported by the system

In total, 202 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in December.