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Monthly update for November, 2011

  • Campaign
    • Revised item storage sizes
    • Fix number of unread messages shown on geoscape
  • HUD
    • new [WIP] HUD: MiniHUD by MCR
    • several updates on other HUDs
  • Maps
    • minor fixes, texture replacements and spawnpoint fixes
    • new house tile for +oriental theme
  • Code
    • speed up loading battlescape (speed up rerouting)
  • Updated Russian and Ukrainian translations

In total, 109 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in November.


Monthly update for October, 2011

  • Campaign
    • fix saving autofire state SAM/Base defence weapons
    • fix loading eventmails
    • added support coast line maps in campaign
    • remove production requirement of nano armour
    • fix funding on new years
  • Renderer
    • Combatants and other objects on battlescape will be lit by nearby lights (GLSL only)
    • Projectiles will light the battlescape (again, GLSL only)
    • Significant speed optimizations to the renderer that will allow it to use system's computing power better
  • Battlescape
    • Opening doors by clicking on them on the map
    • new event system
    • IR goggle effect fixes
    • TU penalty for equipment weight (armours only yet)
  • UI
    • battlescape cursor (the gridbox) changes if action (like opening door) on a tile is possible
    • fixes and improvements on Multiplayer screens
    • implemented possibility for faster spinners for transfer screen
  • Maps
    • Some general fixes on various maps
    • new tiles for +oriental tileset
  • Artwork
    • Replaced some unknown licences textures with properly licenced ones.
  • some UFORadiant fixes and improvements
  • Unicode fixes for Multiplayer chat
  • fixes for big-endian systems

In total, 358 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in October.


Monthly update for September, 2011

  • Map changes
    • Fixed a lot of map bugs
    • Tweaked alienbase
      • New lab tile
      • Added sound effect entities
    • New map training_b
    • New maptiles for oriental rma theme
  • Renderer
    • Lighting system changes and fixes
      • Allow dynamic lights for models
    • GLSL fixes
    • A lot of small optimizations
  • MapEditor
    • Update the entity inspector list on deleting an entity property
    • Fixed #3415048 Can't set worldspawn keys
    • New prefabs
  • Campaign
    • Fixed #3411869 Disassembling Harvester: wrong value
    • Start naming installations from 1 not 0
    • Automission updates and fixes
    • Fixed #3404177 Blood spiders should not have breathing apparatus
  • Artwork
    • Replaced unknown licensed texture
    • Removed femalehybrid and malehybrid armour models/skins
    • New textures
  • Battlescape
    • Fixed walking into actors
    • Don't mark dead actors with red circles but with gray ones
    • Fixed #3413371 Could not add item 'armour_light' to floor container
  • Multiplayer
    • Fixed activated actor buttons in hud_default for multiplayer
  • General
    • Fixes for the random-map-assembly algorithm
      • Fixed boring map problems
    • Fixed bug #3410405 Can't reload machine gun
    • Fixed bug #3396986 Graphics flickering
    • Optimized map loading times with func_breakable or other destroyable entities for listen servers
    • Added code to highlight the current selected door
    • Fixed #3404178 Game refuses to stop using fullscreen mode
      • Don't allow to change to fullscreen with alt+enter on windows
    • Added alien rush feature (endless-alien-respawn-feature)

In total, 289 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in September.


Monthly update for August, 2011

  • Artwork
    • new muzzle flash effect
    • updated icons, base building images, tutorial screens
    • updated sound effects
  • Campaign
    • fix aircraft hangar overflow issue
    • fix disappearing landed missions bug
    • save/load UFOLOST messages correctly
    • fix techtree: add electrolaser as requirement for electrolaser ammo
    • Automission
      • make battle more realistic: every unit attack one enemy unit only
      • make it possible to collect stunned aliens (there won't be any yet)
      • collect as many alien bodies as we killed or stunned, not all
      • collect equipment of dead/stunned aliens
      • update team/civilian kill counters of soldiers too
  • Maps
    • fixed city_street unpassable tiles issue
    • fixed floating alien in +shelter map
    • activate new alien base maps in game
    • new tiles for alien base (storage, wormhole), plus more work on hangar
    • new tile for +oriental theme
    • new maps: bungalow, bungalow2
    • some new prefabs
    • fixed the black hole in the ground on the +africa/af_fence3 map
    • fixed walk-trough fences bug on +africa
  • UI
    • added warning popup about losing campaign progress
    • new UI widget: texture map
    • some UI widget enhancements
  • Renderer
    • fixes in shader preprocessor
    • enable non-power-of-two textures on openGL 2.0+
    • change default texture filter to trilinear
    • allow bilinear filtering on UI images
    • fixes on texture filters
    • fix fog rendering
    • disabled renderer restart on resolution change that caused hangup on starting a battle
    • speed up map rendering (reduced facecounts in bsp splitter)
  • Other code
    • improvements on Keybindings and Keys screen
    • fixes on the new RMA code
    • modsupport: readd fs_gamedir cvar support to make creating mods easier
    • rework model loading
    • UFORadiant fixes
  • Updated Russian translation

In total, 385 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in August.


OpenXCom 0.3

{{#ev:youtube|Nlveh5oM9gw|400||Too lazy to download? GET OUT! Have a video.}} After 8 months of hard work it’s finally here! Be sure to uninstall any old versions first and read the Documentation carefully for any new features.

Some of the new features:

  • Basescape:
    • Craft rearming.
    • Craft equipping.
    • Purchase/Recruit.
    • Sell/Sack.
    • Base transfers.
  • Battlescape:
    • Battle turns.
    • Item equipping, firing, throwing.
    • Environment: fire, smoke, explosions, damage, kills.
    • Unit stats.
    • Inventory.
    • AI Phase 1 (patrol, aggro).
  • Partial Ufopaedia.

New maps

We would like to show you some of our new work-in-progress maps:


Monthly update for July, 2011

  • Maps, Sound and Artwork
    • new tile for +hills theme
    • added more alien spawnpoints to several maps, enable randomized spawning on them
    • other small fixes to various maps
    • optimized, new, improved textures
    • some new sound and particle effects and musics
  • UI
    • sort aircraft in interception popup by their distance to the target
    • slowly rotate models in menus
    • added geoscape icons for different mission types
    • exit confirmation pop-up for the Campaign
  • Code
    • work on multi-staged missions
    • Incorporating the new RMA (Random Map Assembly) algorithm to make assemblies faster
    • fix alien armour not collected bug in campaign
    • fixed ReactionFire mode reset on battle start bug (#3311226)
    • reduce memory usage by more than 2Mb
    • improve model handling (MD3, OBJ)
    • Renderer fixes and optimalizations
  • updated Spanish, German, Russian and Ukrainian translations
  • UFORadiant: Extend filtersystem to allow for filtering entities carrying specific keyvalues
  • new (UFOSlicer) Tool to create 2D floor plans from maps

In total, 474 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in July.


Monthly update for June, 2011

  • Campaign
    • Remove max 16 installation limit
    • fix storage usage on campaign start
    • Work on Automission feature, including:
      • Friendly fire should now be a rare occurrence.
      • move dead soldiers' inventory to aircraft's itemcargo
  • Maps
    • add ufo scout to +hills assembly
    • some new empty desert tiles for +desert
    • added new dropships to +tower RMA
    • fixed some starting positions
  • UI
    • show aircraft health on sidebar and aircraft infoscreen
    • fix aircraft start/recall button icons
    • Redo multiplayer chat ui
    • remove "Try Again" button for automission
    • use the won and lost windows for multiplayer, too
    • update number of unread mails on reading mails
  • Other
    • Multiplayer fixes
    • show loading screen earlier and add progress to script parsing
    • allow recursive filesystem links
    • Update the reserved TUs if the fire mode for reaction fire changes
    • fix fullscreen switching via alt+enter for windows (and maybe mac)
    • fix segfault on creating crashdump on 32bit Linuxes
    • fixed misplaced rescue zones
    • Fix #3222403 Uncorrect random in RMA-algo
    • Couple of renderer fixes and optimalizations
    • Updated Russian translation
    • new alien base sounds
  • UFORadiant
    • fixed #3312775 (Crash when selecting shader in UFORadiant)
    • fixed #3311449 (jpg still prefered over png in UFORadiant)

In total, 483 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in June.


The Server Team is once again in need of your help.

The server is currently hosting three projects:

  • "UFO: Alien Invasion"
  • "UFO: The Two Sides"
  • "OpenXcom".

The server has had some issues and downtime recently, due to an external link posted on a popular website, resulting in serious complications that rendered access to all the hosted projects unavailable for some time.
To continue providing hosting services we will need to raise funds for the coming year, to pay for both the service and some new hardware, or a new server computer altogether. This most recent incident which brought down the server proves that funds to upgrade and continue hosting services are quite necessary, especially if such services are to be provided free of advertisements on the project websites.
In addition to the three projects mentioned, we also host additional programming and development tools for the community, including:

  • snapshot autobuilder for OpenXcom
  • buildbot for UFO: Alien Invasion

We also welcome new projects that are freely available and preferably open-source in nature, and hope to continue to provide tools for the community to grow, but we will need your help and support to do so.

Please consider a donation for our cause, which you can give via the following link:

For European Users (EUR):
For USA Users (USD):

Grzegorz {NineX} Krzystek The server team leader


Monthly update for May, 2011

One more month lefts, and the game is a bit closer to the 2.4 release. We need to finish two big tasks and fix remaining bugs. The tasks are mission autoresolving and add rescue zone overlay.

  • New features:
    • Stencil shadows (unfinished and have some bugs).
    • Reload sounds of weapon now configurable.
    • Decreased used memory.
    • Some work on new version of HUD (it will not be in 2.4).
    • New basemodule images (used in baseview).
    • New textures, replaced textures with proper licensed and higher resolution versions.
    • Some more work on alienbase.
    • Improved Korean localisation
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Fixed position of some cities on the globe.
    • Fixed many map-related bugs: Unpassable areas, pathfinding bugs, incorrect textures and so on.
    • Battlescape-related bugs.
    • Game crashes and hang-ups
    • Interface bugs: Personal`s transfer, Middle mouse button handling and so on.
    • Geoscape bugs: Incorrect rockets flying, Radars range drawing.
    • Renderer bugs.
    • And many other fixes and improvements.

In total, 280 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in May.


Android port available in market

Pelya published the UFO:Alien Invasion development version (2.4-dev) in the android market. The link is available here. I think there is still a lot of room for input handling improvements, but it's great to see our beloved little game on android devices. Maybe this release will bring us some attention and some developers that will improve the port.

Now go, download it and have a little bit fun.


Monthly update for April, 2011

Monthly update for April, 2011

  • New features:
    • updated and extended some of the maps (forest, alienbase entrance)
    • extended modding features (implement client side game types in a shared lib - like skirmish, multiplayer or campaign)
    • speed-up compiling maps
    • replaced textures with GPLed and higher resolution version
    • added new RMA algorithm
  • Fixed bugs:
    • actor movement is out of sync (bug #3290193)
    • ugv death handling
    • rendering order issues (bugs #3050873 and #3029958)
    • model rendering in animated sequences
    • ufopedia model rendering
    • inventory related bugs
    • multiplayer coop (bug #3286656)
    • ufo2map lightmap exporting

In total, 108 commits were made in UFO:AI repository in April


Monthly update for March, 2011

  • Mapeditor
    • new, better method for CSG subtract tool
    • merge bugfixes from DarkRadiant
    • rendering fixes
  • Maps
    • new map: city_industry
    • new tiles for the forest theme
    • some new prefabs (map tile templates)
    • fixes to various RMAs
  • Renderer
    • render character markers and cursor box as glowing
    • fixes about texture handling
    • fixes on video playback support
  • Code
    • door support fixes
    • reduced memory usage (with about 17MB)
    • inventory system fixes
  • Campaign
    • fix transfer delay
    • fix base connectivity tests
  • Updated translations: French, Swedish, Russian

In total, 142 commits were made to UFO:AI master repository in March.


Monthly update for February, 2011

  • Artwork
    • more replacement textures
    • minor map fixes
  • Campaign
    • rework base connectivity checks
    • revamp multi-tile building handling, allow 2x2, 1x3... sized buildings
    • allow production cost for items and aircraft independent of sale price
    • generate new pilots on every month depending on Nations satisfaction
  • Skirmish
    • Custom team setup for Skirmish like Multiplayer's
  • Code
    • renderer fixes and optimalizations
    • equipment handling fixes
    • some memory usage optimalizations
    • door support fixes
    • crashdump upload support
  • UI
    • rework HUD-firemode selection
    • better rendering of actor circle on HUD
    • Allow left mouse button to move the geoscape (useful for touchscreens)
  • MapEditor
    • more customisable grid rendering
  • Updated translations: Hungarian, Spanish, German

In total, 269 commits were made to UFO:AI master repository in February.


Monthly update for January, 2011

  • Campaign
    • prevent building far from working base facilities
    • revamp rescue missions
    • fixes on time model (production, monthly budget)
    • other fixes (radar overlay, base defenses)
  • Maps
    • New map: Small Street
    • work on Alien base Hub tile
    • new tiles for hills theme
    • other small map fixes (starting points, levelflags)
  • Artwork
  • Sound
    • New/replaced weapon sounds
    • New musics
  • Code
    • Server side fixes including multiplayer fixes
    • Pathfinding speedups and fixes
  • WIP Android port
  • some Renderer fixes
    • better checks for openGL capabilities
    • fix fullscreen/windowed changes on windows machines
  • some UFORadiant fixes
  • Updated translations: Korean, Russian
  • rework map-get service

In total, 285 commits were made to UFO:AI master repository in January.


Monthly update for December, 2010

  • Renderer
    • Fix black models bug on ATI
    • Handle different versions of GLSL shaders
  • UI
    • New HUD system: You can create your own HUDs!
  • Campaign
    • Fixes on rescue mission
    • Fixes on the campaign time model
    • Fix unusable Plasma blade in campaign
    • Fixes to transfer system
  • Translation update: Thai, traditional Chinese and German
  • Maps
  • Other artwork
  • Code
    • More work on sliding doors support
    • More optimizations for internal data structures
    • Inventory system fixes
  • Build (make) system fixes
    • Mac OS X include SDL libs in dmg
    • Accelerating map compilation by sorting maps by size
  • UFORadiant fixes

In total, 573 commits were made to UFO:AI master repository in December.


Migration to new server finished

We would like to thank all of you who contributed money. Thank you very much.
The New server is up and running.
All services are operative! :D