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  • tr_drop

Tropic drop.jpg

House Tiles

  • tr_h01

2 small storage houses, cardboxes
Tropic h01 SmallStorage.jpg

  • tr_h02

Big house with fence
Tropic h02 BigHouse.jpg

  • tr_h03

2 big storage houses, 2 rooms each, barrels and boxes
Tropic h03 BigStorage.jpg

  • tr_h04

Small damaged house

River Tiles

  • tr_r01

Rivercrossing with bridge
Tropic r01 RiverBridge.jpg

  • tr_r02

River W-E
Tropic r02 River.jpg

  • tr_r03

River W-E, 2 rocks
Tropic r03 RiverStones.jpg

  • tr_r04

River crossing with planks
Tropic r04 RiverPlanks.jpg

  • tr_r05

River NW-SE
Tropic r05 RiverNW-SE.jpg

Filler Tiles

  • tr_f01

Plain terrain 2x2
Tropic f01 Plain2x2.jpg

  • tr_f02

Plain terrain 1x1

  • tr_f03

Plain with 3 fruits

  • tr_f04

Plain with 5 fruits

  • tr_f05

Plain with rocks and 4 fruits
Tropic fff.jpg

  • tr_f06

Plain terrain, 2 large rocks
Tropic f06 Rocks.jpg

  • tr_f07

Plain with 3 fruits 1x1

Palm Tiles

  • tr_p01

5 Palms 1x1

  • tr_p02

4 Palms, 1 Rock 1x1