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Entity inspector


  • The object needs a rotation origin - e.g. we have to know at which point we have to rotate the object. This is done with a so called origin brush. Place this brush as axis and assign the Template:Path texture.
  • Make sure that both the object and its origin brush are part of the same func_rotating.
  • Also see the warning about extending bounding boxes in func_breakable.
  • origin contentflag has to be set for the origin brush. This is being done automatically by ufo2map during the compilation phase for faces that have origin texture, but there's no harm in assigning the flag in Radiant as well.
  • Don't forget to set the levelflags.


  • health : damage until destroyed
  • particle: particle id
  • speed : The rotation speed in degrees per second
  • angle : rotate around this angle - pitch = 0, yaw = 1, roll = 2