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A func_breakable will mark a brush as being destroyable. To turn a brush into a func_breakable, select it and right click RMB Template-RMB.png on the brush. Select Create entity and choose func_breakable from the list.

Now you can go to the Entity side panel (shown right) to modify the entity.

Don't forget to set the levelflags as needed.


  • health : define the needed damage to destroy this brush.
  • particle: particle id
  • material: material id (glass = 0 (default), metal = 1, electrical = 2, wood = 3)


Always use only one brush when converting to func_breakable. Otherwise the bounding box might screw up the pathfinding. See the screenshot for more information. Also don't copy func_breakables - might lead to one entity with more than one brush. Also don't copy func_breakable objects. This will also be in the same object. Thus the bounding box will increase with every copy to move in the world. The same counts for the func_door entity.

Func breakable 1.png