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Efficiency and funding statistics


The PHALANX project must keep high trusting from the eight nations to stand a strong barrier against the invasion. And even in this uncertain time, money is still the nerve of war. Without the funding and support of the nations, the project won't be efficient enought.

The statistics screen shows global informations about your installations, employees, costs and fundings. Keep your costs below the fundings to expand the project on the long run.

Controlling costs

The costs are listed on the left part of the screen. You can spot the biggest expenses and check if some are not unecessary.

Expending bases will increase running costs but will allow you to fight more effectively and on a larger area, as well as having a lot of employees will allow the research to progress quickly, equip your soldiers with the bleeding edge equipments and operate worldwide without recovery time.

Keeping high funds

Stats nation-2.4.jpg

The right part shows how much each nation is happy with the project. The more happy it is, the more it will accept funding the project, financialy but also by providing its best employees to hire.

Clicking on a nation will open the history of funding of all nations in a graph, leftmost part is current month. Try working harder on the territory of doubting nations, sell them ovni parts as a proof of success to increase their trust in the project.

If the project is not supported widely, it will slowly fail until the defiance of the nations will force the United Nations to stop the project and find an other alternative, if there is anyone left.