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Interception and ground missions

You will face two kind of battles on your mission : air and ground missions. Before being alerted on alien activity on ground you'll have a chance to detect their UFOs and catch them down before they can proceed to their horrible tasks.

Intercepting UFOs

Once an UFO is detected by one of your radar it will appear on the Geoscape. Clicking on it will show you some informations about it speed.

Clicking a second time on it will open the interception window. Every aircraft available is listed to send them pursue the target. A pink line will appear in front on your aircraft indicating it's route by estimating the point of encounter.

The red ring around your aircrafts indicates the range of the longer weapon equiped. Once the UFO comes inside the ring, your aircraft will open fire. The colored bar above the aircraft shows its integrity.

If you have the chance of putting the UFO down, you will be able to investigate the wreck for survivors.

Ground missions

Landed or crashed UFOs are the background of ground missions. Send an aircraft with soldiers on board to eradicate the menace.

Once it has reached the spot a popup will ask you to enter, auto-mission or cancel. When canceling your aircraft will stay nearby waiting for new orders. Auto-mission will immediatly show you the report of the battle, which can be often better.

Enter will bring you to the battlescape for a turn by turn battle against the aliens.