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Starting a single player game

UFO: Alien Invasion offers two kind of long run campaign agains the extraterrestrial forces and a quick skirmish mode.

Campaign mode

Support your role of commander of the PHALANX project and run the war against the aliens to preserve humanity. You will have to prove that PHALANX is the most effective way to counter the menace. Run operations all around the globe to keep the nations united on the project and build it ever more until the final victory.

Both the campaigns shares the same rules, researches and objectives, but the way the alien behaves is different. To start a new campaign select Single player on the main menu, choose the type of campaign and difficulty you want and your mission starts.

Do you want to jump right in and just play? Then read the quickstart guide.

Full campaign

The full campaign starts a unique scenario. Two games will never be the same as the aliens react to your operations.

Simple campaign

The simple campaign follows a written scenario with pre-defined missions.


Skirmish is a stand-alone ground mission against aliens.

Select the map and compose each fighting team and start a fight to death.