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This is a list of every large text used in the game (i.e nearly everything related to the story & equipment) and their translation progress, organised in several categories.

Please read this carefully. Thanks.

Edit this article in a separate window - there will be a php memory error message in most cases if you click on the 'Save Page' button - then you can close the separate window (your changes are saved)

Mind you that only text that has been finished should be translated. See the "Status" description below.


[source text unfinished] {{notranslate}}
Please do not put any work into the translation of this text yet. It will be wasted since it's not the finished version of the source text.
[please translate] {{translate}}
Please translate this text. To do this add a link to a translated wiki page-title (see e.g the "Assault Rifle") and then fill this wiki-page with a translated version of the original english text.
This text can then be taken and used in the .po file of the chosen language (see Translating). If this is done please lock the page (if you are a translator and can't lock a page contact me or mattn so we can add you to the right wiki-group)
[Source updated: Check for changes] {{translate again}}
The source text (English) has been changed/fixed/etc... please check what what has changed and updated this page if necessary.
[done] {{done}}
Put this in the field next to the link if the translation is finished (so nobody wastes time by clicking through all the links)

See Available translations for a list of translations and their (main) maintainer(s). If you add or remove something here, make sure to update the sync script.

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