Gameplay Proposals/Pre Base Attack Options

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Pre Base Attack Options

Author: BTAxis (talk, contrib)

This is a proposal for a gameplay mechanic that presents the player with a number of choices in the event that a base falls under attack. The purpose is to add weight to the base attacks in general and to allow the player to somewhat customize the conditions under which the battle will take place.

The player is presented with his options at the beginning of the battle. Once made, the choices cannot be reversed, and will be the same even on a retry.

The options

There are up to three distinct options the player will have:

The power plant

The player must choose to either shut down the base's power plant or leave it active. Should the player choose to shut it down, the base will be rendered inoperable for a set period of time while its power plant is restarted. Should the player choose to leave the plant active, the aliens may attempt to attack the facility on the battlescape. If the aliens manage to inflict sufficient damage on the power plant, it will go critical and explode. In this event, the battle immediately results in a loss for PHALANX and the base along with everything in it is destroyed.

Alien Containment

If an Alien Containment facility is present and in use in the base, the player may choose to terminate all specimens currently held. Should the player choose to do this, all aliens in Containment will die, and new specimens will have to be captured to replace them. If the player chooses to leave the aliens alive, the AI may attempt to rescue the confined specimens. Freed aliens will join the battle against PHALANX.

Craft liftoff

Any PHALANX aircraft present in the base at the time of attack may be evacuated by an emergency liftoff procedure. If the craft lift off, they will inevitably suffer damage as alien forces outside the base take pot shots at them, but they will not be destroyed. If the craft are kept in their hangars, the aliens may inflict damage on them during the battle - possibly damage beyond repair.

Prep for siege

your troops set traps,and build walls of stuff(i.e. tables,crates) to just turning the lights off. you should get 1-5 turns to place your troops.