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The original X-COM had a small icon in the corner of the Battlescape that showed if the currently selected soldier could see any aliens. It displayed a number for every alien in sight, and clicking on this number would center the view on the alien in question. This would be a hugely useful feature because:

  • It makes it clear who has a line of sight to the aliens
  • It allows a player to locate an alien quickly, even on a dark map where one would have to distinguish between a dark background and a slightly less dark silhouette. If the soldier can see it, the player can see it.

Currently, the only indication of an alien is the red line marking the soldier's line of sight. This line disappears quickly and there is no way to relocate an alien without visually checking the area, a time-consuming process. This problem is compounded when a soldier spots several actors simultaneously, because each line must be followed individually and they will disappear before the player can do that.

You can use spacebar to cycle through all spotted aliens, and there's abutton in the UI for that as well. There's also a console command draw_spottedlines, which draws lines for aliens currently selected soldier sees - so there's probably only a need to integrate this into the UI nicely. --Richlv 10:14, 9 December 2008 (UTC)