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*[[File:Windows icon.svg|15px|alt=Windows|Windows|link=]] {{http|sourceforge.net/projects/ufoai/files/UFO_AI%202.x/2.4/uforadiant-1.6.0-win32.exe|UFORadiant (Mapeditor) 1.6}} (≈16 MB)
*[[File:Windows icon.svg|15px|alt=Windows|Windows|link=]] {{http|sourceforge.net/projects/ufoai/files/UFO_AI%202.x/2.4/uforadiant-1.6.0-win32.exe|UFORadiant (Mapeditor) 1.6}} (≈16 MB)
Map Editor (Mac OS X, x86)
Map Editor (Mac OS X, x86)
*[[File:Mac os x icon.svg|15px|Mac OS X|alt=Mac OS X|link=]] {{http|sourceforge.net/projects/ufoai/files/UFO_AI%202.x/2.3/uforadiant-1.5.0-macosx-i386.dmg/download|UFORadiant (Mapeditor) 1.5}} (≈19 MB)
*[[File:Mac os x icon.svg|15px|Mac OS X|alt=Mac OS X|link=]] {{http|sourceforge.net/projects/ufoai/files/UFO_AI%202.x/2.4/uforadiant-1.6.0-macosx-i386.dmg/download|UFORadiant (Mapeditor) 1.6}} (≈16 MB)

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Welcome to the UFO:AI downloads page. Here you can find the official source code and packages. We also host other useful packages from community volunteers.


The latest stable release is version 2.4.

See our SourceForge download page for more v2.4 content. There are e.g. source archives and data archives available.

Source code Source Source version 2.4 (≈16 MB)
Data Data version 2.4 (≈937 MB)

See compiling the source.

Windows Win32 Release version 2.4 (≈969 MB)
RPM Fusion Ubuntu UFO:AI at PlayDeb
Ubuntu RPM Fusion contain UFO:AI release for Fedora 14.

For more information, check the RPM Fusion configuration page, and our forum: .

Mac OS X Mac OS X Release version 2.4 (≈953 MB)
Desura The UFO:AI release 2.4 is available at Desura (game content manager) for Windows and Linux (Mac OS X will follow once the Desura port is available).



Map Editor (Windows, x86)

Map Editor (Mac OS X, x86)

Development (latest)

Version 2.5-dev is the work in progress version. It is considered unstable. It is only officially available through Git.

Source code
git init ufoai
cd ufoai
git remote add -t master origin git://ufoai.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/ufoai/ufoai
git fetch
git checkout -t origin/master

See how to get the source and compile it.


Nightly builds (Windows, x86 - other platforms are coming soon)

Warning: Keep in mind that this is the bleeding edge of development.

The community provides binaries, though these binaries are often quickly outdated.

Windows forum: topic. Look at the last page, also this: forum: post
Mac OS X forum: topic