Concepts/Strength, Weight and Equipment

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Author: DarkRain (talk, contrib)

This is document describes the weight and encumbrance system for UFO:AI. The idea is that the weight of the soldiers equipment affects them in different ways depending on their strength.


  • All items have assigned a weight value, this is given in kilograms.
  • The maximum weight a soldier can carry, in kilograms, is equal to their strength.


Encumbrance is applied in three stages:

  • Light weight: The soldier is carrying 20% or less of his/her maximum allowed load, soldier will receive maximum amount of TUs, this is the 'bonus' stage.
  • Normal weight: The soldier carries between 20% and 50% of his/her maximum allowed load, soldier will receive an average amount of TUs, this is considered a standard load and is the 'normal' stage.
  • Heavy weight: The soldier has a load of more than 50% of the maximum allowed, the soldier is encumbered and will receive reduced TUs, this is the 'penalty' stage.

Technical Details

The current formula to calculate the soldier's TU is as follows:


Where ENCUMBRANCE_MODIFIER is 1 for 'bonus' stage, 0.7 for 'normal' stage and 0.4 for 'penalty' stage.

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