Compile for Windows

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Build environment setup

Download the following tools:

Start the TDM-GCC on-demand-installer and select mingw64. After you did that, install Code::Blocks - it should find the TDM-GCC installation automatically. Now it's time to download some needed libs:

Extract that package into the Mingw folder of your TDM-GCC installation.

Building UFO:AI

Start codeblocks and open the ufo.workspace file from your ufoai git clone. Now you should be able to compile ufoai.

More detailed information

... if you need them (they might be outdated but might still contain some useful hints):

Building installer

NOTE: These instructions are only for people who want to build a distributable installer package. If you just want to compile the game for yourself, you do not need to do this.

We use a nsis installerscript. You can find it in contrib/installer/.

run make wininstaller
Install nsis and right click the contrib/installer/ufoai.nsi file to compile the installer.
Also run the compile_maps.bat file to generate the pk3 archives.