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Error when assigning troops to dropship


Windows 10, 2.6 (version from about a month ago)

In my campaign game, I recently built a new dropship and transfered empty it to a new base. About that time I noticed that my Dragon and other dropship in Dammam HQ have two health bars in the Aircraft menu. When I click on a soldier to assign or unassign, the game gives me a "Error. Enter Debug Mode?" message, but I can return to the screen and slowly, one by one, make my selection. The problem persists and it's pretty unplayable that way.

Savegames and logfile attached.

edit: the forum doesn't allow .rar files. Please rename the attachment to campaign.rar to unpack.

Please report such issues on our bugtracker

I loaded your savegame but could not reproduce the issue (Debian 9, latest Git source).
On the other hand I saw a lot of UI warnings in your log which I didn't get either. As UI warnings are not OS specific in 99.7% of the cases my best guess is different versions of the game are mixed on your machine causing conflict in UI scripts.

Is it possible that you installed a new nightly on top of an old one or beside an older 2.4, 2.5 version? Unfortunately multiple instances of UFO:AI cannot be installed beside eachother as they may have file conflicts.


I've uninstalled 2.5 and the problem seems to be gone. Thanks!


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