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Author Topic: Make complexity-related adjustments less obsqure  (Read 2976 times)

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Make complexity-related adjustments less obsqure
« on: August 10, 2017, 03:42:26 pm »
Before this moment i tried latest trunk (18.07.2017 from master) at standard and hard levels  (hard is in the middle state, i just began to get needler and ortnoks).

I noticed, that on hard level my units get more damage, than assumed by weapon properties in ufopaedia and base management / soldiers.
Thus, unarmored unit with health 100 must survive at least one hit from plasma rifle, but in begining it was instant kill (even without bleeding), when some was hit with either rifle or hovernet's plasma bolt.

At enemy - i don't know, what is affected (seems to be weapon damage), but for example, bloodspirers are now bulletproof against MG (only sniper or shotgun APDS ammo can penetrate their armor). Or is it intentional...

I propose to don't affect gear properties (ammo damage, armor strength), but instead give better skills and health for enemy units and less for ours.
More exactly, complexity could affect range bounds, used to assign skills and health to all units - human soldiers, pilots, enemy - including bots, civilians (this is one weapon, which must make several hits to kill civilian, and if enemy opens fire from far, civilian has a chance to survive entire burst, moreover if partially covered by someone else and also if some human soldier has a time to heal that civilian).

For example:
- human: standard health - (85..115), hard - (60..90)
- taman: standard health - 110, hard - 140
- ortnok: standard health - 140, hard - 170

p.s. No idea, what are ranges for aliens - all i have seen is various recruits parameters in camaign, and for aliens - units parameters in custom team gear setup for skirmish.
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