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Author Topic: the mac os x 2.6 dev build is working and needs to be updated to latest nightly  (Read 2534 times)

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the mac os x 2.6 dev universal build screenshot  date 2014-06-03 is working. this is on my computers os mac os x version 10.21.1 witch is the secound newest OS for mac used as standerd. when i run the game theres  barily any issues other then slight battlescape map flickering, game comand consle scrolling issues and slightly off center click and drag in the ui.  now can say build compile issues are comfermed fixed. now the main issue is the mac nightly builds now need to be updated with the latest source code becuse the the mac 2.6 nightly build is like over 2 years old and needs to catch up i'm willing to test any new updated screenshot builds useing 2.6 dev universal 2014-06-03 screenshot compile building code as a framework for future mac nightly builds