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Author Topic: RE: Weapon Proposals PART 2-EDITED[1st Post-nub-INCOMPLETE]  (Read 3061 times)

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RE: Weapon Proposals PART 2-EDITED[1st Post-nub-INCOMPLETE]
« on: January 19, 2017, 01:04:20 am »

     A brief overview of things already included above. Alternate ammo types for diversified tactics, and production only ammo types to make production more relevant overall. New weapons for more diverse squad tactics, and for filling some general hybrid roles. In particular a real-life military role of Designated Marksman [Marksmans Rifle, 12mm Hand Carbine], a heavier counter-part to the Submachine Gun [Raptor .45] a good Primary / Secondary hybrid for Medics, Scouts, and Grenadiers [12mm Hand Carbine] as well as a lighter flavor of the Machine Gun, [Egret SAW].

     In particular this section will cover the flavor, research, and tactical use of the suggested weapons. As well as some suggestions of which weapons would have which kinds of the above mentioned Alternate Ammo Types. For research I had a pretty broad idea, either have something akin to "Old PHALANX Files" or "Advanced Weapons" as broader categories. The Alternate Ammo *could* be made available through market, or as individual "Old PHALANX Files" like, "Old Files: Advanced Munitions Manual" and "Old Files: PHALANX Weapon R&D" These research topics would ideally have low completion times.

     The Marksman's Rifle would be a hybrid between the Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle. Tactically speaking it would be a compliment to the Assault Rfile, having more accuracy at longer ranges for less TUs and serving as a Designated Marksman type soldier. A soldier with high accuracy, but mainly Assault skills. It would allow more flexibility and not have the glaring weaknesses of Snipers in CQC. As well as requiring less TUs to function in a similar capacity. Essentialy a lighter, faster firing, shorter range Sniper Rifle which can function as a larger, slower firing, more accurate Assault rifle. Or as a stand in, dual purpose alternative for either.

     The 12mm Hand Carbine would be a heavy hitting pistol not very different from a real life Desert Eagle. Tactically this would serve as a Secondary weapon that had could be a substitute for a Primary weapon. This would free the soldier to use grenades and medkits and still allow some Combat Armor. It's heavier than the 7.62mm Pistol and spreads more, but it's effective range is doubled and it's damage is more than EDIT: doubled. On the other hand, it requires more TUs for Snap Shots, and by extension Reaction Fire, plus requires even more TUs to "Stabilize" and reduce the spread. The aimed fire however can give it good mid-range punch with acceptable accuracy, and it's versatile for field deployment and base guards alike. It's biggest advantage over other Secondary weapons [and even some primaries] is it's sheer point-blank stopping power. Very useful for Reaction Fire in CQC situations.

     The Raptor .45 is a Primary weapon take on the Submachine Gun. It's essentially a EDIT: heavier SMG. Based on the real-life H&K UMP .45, it provides decent stopping power at close range and blends it with usability out to mid-range, albeit at a hit to accuracy. Another hybrid stand in to compliment the Marksman's Rifle. EDIT: It's main advantages are less TUs per shot and 12 more rounds per magazine than the Assault Rifle, while only trading the  stopping power and tight spread of the latter. The most notable difference, and arguably the biggest advantage is that the Raptor .45's Aimed Shot is the same price as the Assault Rifles Snap Shot, with the same Spread value, making it particularly versatile.

     The Egret SAW is a Squad Automatic Weapon, a futuristic take on the real world M249 SAW of the US Military. The Egret SAW is a lighter variant of the Machine Gun for general use with a broader variety of soldiers. It trades diminished weight and spread as well as being compatible with the Machine Gun Magazine for 1 extra TU per fire mode. The Egret is significantly more accurate, uses the Assault Skill and fires for the same range as the Machine Gun. The Egret with a spare magazine weighs as much as a whole Machine Gun, which translates to more TUs on the whole and a broader range of soldiers who can equip it. Thus it takes the idea of a Squad Automatic Weapon, being a more mobile suppression platform, and duplicates the function, while the "future" element is it actually *increases* accuracy as opposed to real life versions *decreasing* it.

     In regards to the various ammo types, generally shotguns can only use Tracer rounds, and everything else can use Hollowpoints, Armor Piercing and Tracer rounds. As another suggested game mechanic I suggest the Double Tap as a mode of fire. Real World police agencies use it, so there is no reason soldiers, especially elite PHALANAX soldiers shouldn't be able to pull the trigger of a semi-automatic or select fire weapon twice in rapid succession. It would function like a Snap Shot, and would have comparable spread and TUs to use, but offer 2 more precise bullets vs the 3-Round Burst. This would enable more aggressive move and shoot tactics, make Assault Rifles more viable at mid range and by extension more useful at close range since 3-round burst is good up close. It would also make Aimed Shot more useful in the hands of experienced soldiers or soldiers with good Sniper and Assault skill. It could also augment the 7.62mm Pistol, Machine Pistol and even the Micro Shotgun. The Riot Shotgun and Sniper Rifle could also make some use of this if they are Semi-Automatic.

     In regards to an alternate method of research for the alternate ammo types, a research under "Alternative Munitions" could be made with low time cost to "create" the alternate ammo types for each weapon. In essence, you have 7.62mm Pistol Ammo, but need to "make" a pattern for 7.62mm AP Ammo because the AP isn't in wide circulation, so the alternate Armor Piercing variant needs to made out from the pattern of the standard 7.62mm round so it fits the gun.
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