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Author Topic: variable gl loading  (Read 3779 times)


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variable gl loading
« on: November 23, 2016, 08:32:14 pm »
things i would like to see

1) being able to load more than one type of ammo in to gl at once and more ammo types for gl eg flash bang grenades and smoke grenades.
    how i see the ui for it working grenades for gl are produced/bought/equipped/reloaded in groups of 2 for a small tu cost (about 2 tu) the soldier can spin the   
    chambers around to select which ammo type to use. would defiantly complicate the ui when firing the gl but would allow your gl soldiers to provide tactical support
    to  the squad.

2) this idea i'm not as keen about I fell the lasers work as they are but perhaps there could be an advanced DF cartridge more ammo and/or damage   

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Re: variable gl loading
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2016, 01:56:00 pm »

Playing with v2.5 stable.

1) The first feature you think about has quite already been requested, but in a much UI-friendly way:
when GL is loaded with a new ammunition type and the cylinder is not empty, then the old ammunition returns to the inventory for a later use. No complicated fire mode options, or any convoluted loading system here.

However, you understand that:

- the engine must manage a variable capacity magazine, or as many magazine types as there are capacities left (6 types), and this for each ammunition type (hence, 24 types for the GL). For now, we only know that it can manage up to 4 types (e.g. GL) of ammunition for any  given weapon.
- the engine must know where to drop the old, not fully used magazine. Best way (in terme of decision, backpack management, and time units spent) would be right on the ground. Currently, it disappears.

Then, this feature would benefit the other multi-ammo weapons, such as the Riot Shotgun.
It would allow as well to exchange the rocket already loaded in a HPML, without loosing it.
One may ask however if any ammunition not packed into true magazines may be unloaded this way. Can a rocket in a tube be unloaded and stored in the backpack again? Can individual grenades engaged in a rotatory cylinder be removed and stored again in a box (that was kept in the inventory?). If yes, that should take much time (more time than just remove six casings (if not ejected after each shot), take six grenades out of the disposable magazine/box and engage them in the cylinder. By the way, light-weight current 25mm GL are charged with true magazines, which allows the soldier to remove a half-empty magazine at will.

Although this request is not really like yours (a real customization of the cylinder's loading), it would benefit other weapons, and if not not as efficient tactically (one turn would be spent to exchange ammo), it would allow to not waste non shot rounds/grenades, at least.

2) As for the lasers, I feel like they are potent enough, and keep being useful until the end of game. They are very precise and allow weakly armoured soldiers to engage the enemy from afar.
Although they do not perform well against an armoured Ortnok, 12-24 TUs are all that you need to disable a Shevaar or a Combat Hovernet (sniper rifle is good against CHN until the end of game as well). Given they rarely miss, they are a training weapon of choice, too. A squad only equipped with laser rifles (and heavy lasers) can't loose in the late part of the game. Think also that from the end of year 2084 on, many of the aliens you shoot at are already wounded (in campaign mode).

There main concern is that a 8-TU reaction fire is not deadly and let the defender in a critical situation. There are plama blaster and PB rifles (9 TUs) to deal with such situations, or two defenders with 12-TU laser rifles.

As for the magazine's capacity, I'd say it's better like this. Of course we don't want hours-long ground missions, but it's a pity you currently hardly need much more than but one magazine
per weapon (explosives aside). Not really realistic.

Now, if a heavy alien armour  should be added in game, perhaps the lasers could be completely abandoned to the benefit of PBWs (except against robotic units).
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Re: variable gl loading
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2016, 07:39:32 pm »
No multiple types of ammo in the same weapon, we already had to remove the non-stunning fire types from the stun rod because the game can't handle that correctly.

Also note that ammo isn't lost when switching from one type to another, it just becomes temporally unusable: the remaining ammo is stored as 'loose ammo' by the game and once back at base is consolidated back to full magazines/ammo cylinders/etc once enough loose ammo becomes available to form a full one.

And switching full ammo clips/magazines/etc should be already possible, at least it worked last time I checked (which means rockets should be able to be exchanged currently)