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idTech2 running on Urho3D


Saw this nugget in the IRC logs by poVoq (who didn't make it past forum registration):

I realize I hit a UFOAI taboo :-) Looks like the author was/is working on porting Quake2 to his Urho3D fork (MIT licensed).

EDIT: Hmm with a simple naive look, it looks like he was just loading/rendering idTech2 resources with Urho3D. I'm no engine expert. I wonder their thoughts were? I'll have to post over there sometime. They probably found ufoai on wikipedia as it's the first open source game listed under games that use idTech2:

Bit of a necro but the link is now defunct. It seems their forum migrated to a new platform, but they did keep the old topics:

Does it mean that doom 2 can also be run using octree and not bsp?


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