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Author Topic: [model] Two body armor textures  (Read 2152 times)

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[model] Two body armor textures
« on: November 04, 2015, 06:09:21 pm »

Playing on v2.5, I suspect these graphical glitches as being either already solved on v2.6, or not being bugs at all, because it's my settings, etc.
GNU/linux 4.1.8-desktop-1.mga5
Video card: AMD RV790 [Radeon HD 4890]
Video module: "ATI Radeon HD4870 and earlier"

UFO:Alien Unknown v2.5 stable (AMD64)

1°) Body armor (tier 1):

The helmet features a dull black square surface on the cheeks. Closing-up show that it's a solid model, and not a forgotten 2D surface. What "wrongs" me is that the texture used here is so different than the rest of the helmet (the skull, the jaws). Also the sharp shape looks odd to me.

Is this designed this way or is it corrected on v2.6?

2°) Nanocomposite armor (tier 2):

The shoulders feature a dull black patch that could be the size of an insign. Was it a placeholder in v2.5, that would be in used now on v2.6?
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