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Author Topic: Alien base mission: new/better outcome & complexification [Mild Spoilers]  (Read 1802 times)

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Perhaps, all of this is vain because Alien Base missions can't be handled differently from the usual ground missions, but still...
(Also don't read this if you never played an Alien Base mission, when a PHALANX squad assault an Alien ground base on the Earth)

Current state (v2.5):

Pre-mission text:
Mission text says that our squad must secure the base so that our scientist may come and study it.

Post-mision text:
We are informed by a memo that a PSI apparatus was found and collected, and shall be researched asap.
Let's recall that this apparatus is the size of a X-ray installation in nowadays hospital.

The usual gear carried by the dead aliens. Let's hope there aren't robotic units too many.
On subsequent Alien base mission, nothing more (I didn't search the PSI, though).

Criticism / Ideas (v2.5):

  • The mission organization is not clearly explained, especially the time factor:
    • it starts as a normal mission (one transport), then we learn that our scientists are hidding somewhere, or are they 4 of them still on the surface in the transport?
    • after the base is secure, it seems that the scientists (helped by the squad?) have time enough to visit the base, uninstall the apparatus and haul it back to the transport, or to the second transport?
    • then, it would remain nothing more valuable in the base, whereas we dismantle UFOs for materials and components (thus money), or is it that the base must be destroyed in fear of a retaliation mission by the Aliens?
  • An Alien base this size should be like a treasure room:
    • as said in 1/, there should be more to spoil, the Supply ship, at least. I mean, the value of several Supply ships' cargo!
    • I understand however that one such base could severely affect the game's economy. But shouldn't a taken base be the jackpot of the month?
    • why the PSI apparatus alone? There are many sections in an Alien base that seem worth a study: power plant, labs, ... Even if we don't get the opportunity to dismantle a new apparatus on each subsequent base mission, we could receive memo that would materialize the fact our scientists returned to an Alien base.
  • Intellectual frustration!
    • on behalf on 2/, the map is so beautiful that I can't help being frustrated by not knowing what are all those Alien base installations. I'm eager for "tons" of memos (or merely addenda to the current memos/research reports) and some more research.
      I believe there is much to write for the writers.
  • There's an opportunity for more challenge: Immediate retaliation!
    • there are already retaliation missions, merely aerial patrols and PHALANX base attacks.
    • on a random basis, or on every few missions, a surprise mission could be started at once before the squad (and scientists) get a chance to exit the Alien base.
    • that would mean a chance for more outcome (spoiled gear and an UFO).
    • this mission's setting could be: same map, PHALANX survivors in the main hall, the PSI room and the Hangar, or whatsoever, a civilian scientist team in the PSI room and around (i.e. not endangered at first, but could they breath in there?),
      all the retaliation team in the entry shaft and the two adjacent spaces (i.e. the Entrance).
    • the UFO would be an armed shuttle, I mean a Harvester, or a Corrupter, full with a soldier team (on top of the current Alien missions).


Time factor

Either it should be more clear that we are very pressed on by the time: we have 30 minutes or so to have a look and bring the wounded up back to the transport.
"The pilot informs us that a heavy UFO is on its way. We MUST evacuate at once." OR
"Something got wrong, the base is likely to blow up SOON." (no, it can't: it would mean a nuclear blast)
On each subsequent base mission, we could have the opportunity to gain another memo/tech.

Or, we may take several days to retrieve the UFO (or to dismantle it on site), to understand the functioning of the base facilities (we know how to produce alien weapons by the way), to bring more employees on site, etc.

General storage room
  • a memo about the statistics of sampled cargo.
  • a new tech research to enlarge the capacity of our own Storage building (e.g. 10000 -> 15000 units?).
    That could mean for some bases, one Storage less, and one more Defence room or Hangar.

  • a memo to confirm what we discovered aboard the Harvesters and the Corrupters, and also to validate some autopsy researches (we see clearly an Alien breathing apparatus).
  • a new tech research to enhance our own implant tech (efficiency) or hospital healing rate.
  • a new research to discover that the Alien are working on a new anti-human gas.

Air conditioning (?) system
  • a memo on the purpose of those fans, and the exact analysis of the various exo-atmospheres.
  • a new tech research to upgrade our gas grenades.

Power plant

  • a memo about how the Alien store antimatter when not used as a fuel.
  • a new tech research to enlarge the capacity of our own AM Storage.
I assume that the PP is the "green storage" room, which is odd because AM takes no room!

Tanks room
  • a memo! (what's this? Biomass, food, XIV?)

Main hall

  • a memo about what are all these stations (flight/landing controllers?).

  • a memo about the general purpose of such a base.
  • a memo about the difference between alien on-board detection/nav/CEM and all these in-base equipment.
  • a new research on the origins: do we find more information, orbital positions, stellar maps, etc?

So... there's maybe a lot to write and a lot to discuss before!

The screenshots recall some of the places of interest the different base layouts may host.