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Author Topic: A shortcut for a close 3rd person camera  (Read 1506 times)

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A shortcut for a close 3rd person camera
« on: August 27, 2015, 04:18:02 pm »

Wouldn't it be a fine addition to this tactical game if the player could easily (i.e a key stroke) summon an "over-the-shoulder" view for the currently selected soldier ? I find it very convenient on some maps, when the slopes are gentle and blended (e.g. Ambushed military convoy), and the obstacles numerous, so that it's not easy to tell the LOS and the coverage.

At the moment, I do it manually and it's rather pleasant to move the camera in order to "see" through one's soldier's eyes, and to come back to bird's eye view...

Suggestion: a short cut would:
  • center the camera at selected soldier;
  • put it at lowest pitch (nearly horizontal view);
  • orient it in the same direction the soldier faces to;
  • move it so that (e.g.) the green selection circle tangents display's bottom (when crouched, the upper half of the soldier juts out above the GUI);

Of course, the player would then adjust manually the camera to get the LOS he wants, and in some situations, this auto-view could even be terrible (when face or back to a static nearby).

[EDIT] Screenshots added [/EDIT]
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