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Author Topic: Scaling Question.  (Read 8471 times)

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Re: Scaling Question.
« Reply #15 on: July 02, 2015, 03:26:38 pm »
No worries, it's just reinforcing my instinctive distrust of Blender. I've got tons of things I do without remembering the why I developed the procedure. It's the nature of people really. Like why I develop an entire infrastructure to manage my mods, I've been burned so many times by multiple version code management, that I'm paranoid about it.

So the final versions of shape and center for the minimedikit ends up being the following.

Code: [Select]
shape "0 0 1 2"
center "-1 -5 0"

So center is x,y,? like you would expect. Not sure what the last number does, it appears to exaggerate the values of x and y. Shape appears to be ?,?,x,y, oh the first two appears to allow you to link multiple shapes together. So in reality it's x,y,x,y, and the first ones are to set the offsets from the previous shape if you have multiple rectangles to fit the image.

Once again, thank a lot for the help. The next challenge will be to alter a component of an existing image, but I need a break from Blender. I can only take so many hits to head in a given period of time.So I'll probably just play the game this holiday weekend, instead of trying to improve my mods.

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Re: Scaling Question.
« Reply #16 on: July 03, 2015, 05:40:46 am »
Honestly I'm not sure myself what the 'center' values mean, I'd need to go code spelunking to find what they actually do...

But good to hear you got all working, enjoy the game! And your mods! :)

If you need any more help after you break don't hesitate to ask (and I think I finally fixed the bugs with the script too so shouldn't be that many problems next time, or so I hope)