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Author Topic: New Research about aliens - "What do they want?"  (Read 1651 times)

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New Research about aliens - "What do they want?"
« on: July 23, 2015, 01:42:34 am »
After playing Galaxy Harvest, the game gave me a idea of a new theory made by one of PHALANX scientists. It's about what the aliens want and how the "Hive Mind" managed to make different alien species to live together. (Yes, I know it's the XVI virus, what I mean is how do they got infected with it and who did it)

An alien race used biomass to help to maintain its Empire, they it did by seeding planets with life, and along the time, harvest it. The life on these seeded planets, sometimes, managed to evolve to a High-tech civilization, when this happens, the alien Empire destroys the civilization without destroying the planets so they can still use its biomass. Sometimes, the alien Empire would use some of the species of the seeded planets as cannon fodder by using a virus (what would explain the different alien races). The planet Earth aws one of the seeded planets, and the humans were supposed to be part of this slave army, but, they did a "good" resistance. It was the first time the aliens faced such thing. (what would explain too the change of tactics the aliens did).

Of course this text I did is not the one that actually will show, there is no way the scientists could know about the past of the aliens, they could just make theories. It also gives a special "job" to humanity, because if they failed, the aliens would face this kind of resistance in another planet and they would already know how to deal with it.
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