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Author Topic: Re: proposals for upgrading tamans, mixture of alien weaponry  (Read 1845 times)

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Re: proposals for upgrading tamans, mixture of alien weaponry
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:16:37 am »
Good morning.

Played this great game again at the weekend, and came across some tamans in an icefield.

They shot a few of my men from mid distance with a plasma rifle, auto fire mode => Phalanx barbecue.

I just wanted to add the following:
Of course I appreciate the game being developed further.
And new ideas/ features/ an enhanced storyline being implemented.

But even without a major upgrade, tamans with plasma rifles (not with the blaster, to inaccurate in their hands) are not to be underestimated, and would fit very well to the crew of avanced alien craft (see proposals for upgrades below).

And I'd find a mixture of alien weaponry in a battle quite nice. The effects of a plasma rifle are really cool.

Here a few suggestions for an upgrade, giving them new roles:

- mid game -
Tamans v2 as assault trooper, always equipped with plasma rifles (and never using pbm-weaponry) and medium armour (red and orange), surgically modified (implants), carrying loads of plasma grenades, with a strong tendency to use them.

The implants provide the improvements/ skills:

- to run very fast, +30% to TUs, -25% chance  to hit them (always or only from reaction fire),
- to throw grenades 30 % farther than humans, and TUs for use -2.

(optional: the v2 tamans - and only them, due to their further developed mental capacities - might throw a plasma grenade into the Phalanx smoke clouds from time to time...)

Research of a corpse v2 provides information, but nothing more.

- late game -
Tamans v3 as reconaissance unit, always equipped with plasma rifles (and never using pbm-weaponry) and very heavy armour (red and yellow), thus quite hard to kill and slow (TUs -25%), surgically modified (implants).

The implants provide the improvements/ skills:
Extremly improved senses/sensors.

- Unit can see through smoke (and Phalanx troops still can't...), and due to the link (hive mind) all other alien units, too, as long as the taman unit itself is looking at (...through...) the smoke.
- Very precise when firing (+30 % chance
 to hit).
- All other alien units have a better chance to hit (+25%).

Usually there should be only one of them, seldom two units in each map. When killed, the benefits expire.
Would make them a primary target.

Research of the corpse v3 provides a portable ECM-unit, size of 2x2, quite heavy, which disables the enemies ability to see  through smoke, and reduces the other bonuses, but only a bit.
Maybe something more? Maybe a new headgear? But Phalanx shouldn't get the skill to see through smoke.

[Deleted a sentence: The game is NOT to easy. Learned that yesterday. It's quite hard, even on normal level. And that's a good thing.]

Please don't misunderstand this as criticism. The game is super. Just wanted to contribute my ideas.

What do you think about that? Feel free to make any use of it.

Kind regards
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Re: proposals for upgrading tamans, mixture of alien weaponry
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2015, 06:36:40 am »
With the way things work now most of this stuff is not possible, e.g. we cannot give/exclude a certain weapon to a certain race in the scripts.

The visibility system is accepted design, just waiting for someone to make it happen.