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Author Topic: UFOAI 2.6 builds on 10.9 but has issues  (Read 3411 times)

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UFOAI 2.6 builds on 10.9 but has issues
« on: November 06, 2014, 12:51:27 am »
First, I would like taking the opportunity to thank all developers for the great work on providing UFOAI to us. Currently, I would like to contribute for the 2.6_dev version after having enjoyed 2.4_stable during Mac OS X 10.7.x and 10.8.x with the binaries found.

I was able to compile the current 2.6_dev on 10.9.5 and to make a dmg file which installs nicely.

However, the game shows a bug and crashes each time when selecting the "Firebird D" ship:
  • in the main menu of the base
  • from the "Stileto" view in ships menu
  • while buying from the market menu

The "Stileto" and all other menu areas for a campaign in the main base seem to be functional.

(1) Which data should I provide to you for improving the source code?

(2) Besides the successful build of a DMG there seems to be some potential to improve the compiling.

With MacPorts 2.3.2 and UFOAI 2.6_dev you can successfully build a DMG with the following dependencies:
sudo port install libsdl-framework libsdl_mixer-framework libsdl_ttf-framework \
 jpeg libpng XviD libtheora gtk2 gtkglext gtksourceview2 git p7zip python27 \
 doxygen libsdl2 libsdl2_mixer libsdl2_ttf openal-soft

My current environment used for compiling is:
  • OS X 10.9.5 with Security Update 2014-005
  • XCode Version 6.1 (6A1052d) and latest Xcode Command Line Tools
  • MacPorts 2.3.2

However, the configuration phase did not find all headers of installed ports:
  • Could not find xvid.h -- although port XviD @1.3.3_0 was installed.
  • Could not find bfd.h -- the (forced) installment of binutils did not help in finding the header and the port binutils shows some trouble to other ports anyway.
  • Could not find link.h -- although port dtrace @118.1_0 was installed (but may be wrong port anyway).
  • Could not find jpeglib.h -- although port jpeg @9a_1  was installed.
  • Could not find CUnit/Basic.h -- although port cunit @2.1-2_1  was installed.

I am unsure on the below headers:
  • Could not find mxml.h -- but unsure if port would be available.
  • Could not find picomodel.h -- and no port available.
  • Could not find AL/al.h -- there should be a port openal but this port did not install due to failures of its own.

Please find below the comprised output of all compile phases. Furthermore, there were tons of warnings which included but were not limited to quite a bunch of warning: 'register' storage class specifier is deprecated [-Wdeprecated-register] statements.



use c compiler: cc
use c++ compiler: c++
Debug build
Compile for darwin
Compile for i386
Disable ccache
Found cc cc
Found cxx c++
Using bindir /usr/local/bin/
Using datadir /usr/local/games/ufo/
Using libdir /usr/local/lib/
Using prefix /usr/local
Enable hard linked cgame
Setting custom data directory
Setting custom library directory
Found zip from zip
Found python from python
Found doxygen from doxygen
Could not find xvid.h
Found theora/theora.h
Found execinfo.h
Could not find bfd.h
Found sys/utsname.h
Could not find link.h
Could not find jpeglib.h
Found zlib.h
Found png.h
Could not find CUnit/Basic.h
Could not find mxml.h
Found SDL.h
Found SDL_mixer.h
Found SDL_ttf.h
Found SDL.h
Found SDL_mixer.h
Found SDL_ttf.h
Could not find picomodel.h
Found gtk/gtk.h
Found gtksourceview/gtksourceview.h
Found libxml/parser.h
Found AL/al.h
Found gtk/gtkglwidget.h
Build modules:
Build cgame-campaign
Build cgame-multiplayer
Build cgame-skirmish
Build game
Build memory
Build testall
Build ufo
Build ufo2map
Build ufoded
Build ufomodel
Build uforadiant
Build ufoslicer



===> LD [ufoslicer]


make lang models maps-sync

* base/maps/ice/ version mismatch, skip update
903 upgraded, 1 version mismatched, 0 already up to date


make macinstaller

* base/maps/ice/ version mismatch, skip update
903 upgraded, 1 version mismatched, 0 already up to date
   zip warning: 0models.pk3 not found or empty
   zip warning: 0pics.pk3 not found or empty
   zip warning: 0videos.pk3 not found or empty
   zip warning: zip file empty
created: ufoai-2.6-dev-macosx-universal.dmg
cp: /opt/local/lib/pango*/lib/pango/*/modules/pango-basic-*.so: No such file or directory
make: *** [copybinaries-uforadiant] Error 1

Further remarks:
  • The phase make macinstaller seems to repeat the upgrade of all maps although the phase make lang models maps-sync made an upgrade before.
  • The port pango @1.36.8_0+x11 was installed independent from UFOAI and I am unsure why this message comes after the creation of the DMG anyway.
  • The final error message may result from the missing administration rights of the user account used for compiling.

Most important:
The DMG-file ufoai-2.6-dev-macosx-universal.dmg installs nicely and runs on OS X 10.9 besides both the issues mentioned above and the final error message in the compiling before.
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