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Author Topic: Gas masks  (Read 3881 times)

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Gas masks
« on: August 06, 2014, 05:18:05 pm »
Until I can research and produce my own armor, there is no protection from suffocation if I spend too much time in smoke. Even in late game, I might prefer a few quick and lightly armed scouts, who, exactly because of the lack of armor, will need to spend quite a lot of time around smoke grenades.

What about having a gas mask, which only protects from the smoke of smoke grenades? If it made the early game too much easier, it could be balanced with a few disadvantages:

- it could take the same slot as the IR goggles, so you can't use both (and we would at last have some choices for that slot)
- maybe it just reduces, and not completely eliminates the stun damage suffered in smoke
- it has some weight.
- it might reduce accuracy by a tiny little margin.

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Re: Gas masks (extended, with related stuff)
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2017, 07:41:16 pm »
Sorry, if bumping such old thread is unwanted, but i just had to propose same thing :)

Now, even wider...
Glasses slot may be extended by height from 1 to 3 - with following possible combinations:
1. glasses (height 1) + respirator (height 2)
2. gas mask (height 3)... might have laser safety glasses embedded - sic :)

Also some options with air filters:
- replaceable ammo-like filters - one inside mask and others are in backpack
- filtering backpack - for gameplay just as single heavy item, already in respirator or gas mask
- for potential operations on other planets or in space (if any) there may be breathing system, embedded into hard armor (maybe middle too, if it is supposed to be hermetic)

Accuracy is possible to reduce with today gas masks due to perspiration, but what if future masks have forced ventilation, working by player movements?
What really is expected to be affected is FOV, nearly down to 45 deg.

In turn, there are some questions from me too...
Looking to latest images of middle and heavy human armor in game - they feature completely closed helmet, which looks incompatible with all above stuff... what it their helmet serves as gas mask, and heavy power armor yet has filtering/breathing system embedded, eliminating any need for extra gear?
Or this design is created rather for taste, than for any practice?
(I remember from one in-game research, that atmoshpere on alien planet is suitable for human's breath)

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Re: Gas masks
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2017, 09:18:00 am »
Gas masks would be pretty nice; could add an additional tactical effect such as causing dizziness to aliens and making it harder for them to see, whereas your own troops could have special equipment and not get affect anywhere near as much.

I have not really been keeping up to date with the game for a long while due to reallife issues and time constraints but it seems as if the project has become a bit less active than before? Other game projects are struggling too such as wesnoth; and games such as warmux or boswars have been entirely abandoned.

I'd wish there would be some concerted effort going on to preserve games and keep the updated even with different people in charge.

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Re: Gas masks
« Reply #3 on: May 10, 2018, 11:55:29 am »
Can't remember, did i see last reply... probably it was last feature, i ever wrote about :)

I thought, how head defenses design could change since time. If, according game, IR googles could be compactified down to looking like regular glasses (may be few bit thicker), then gas defenses also would change. The fact, that glasses in gas masks may be blurred by wearer breath, might have some solutions.

For single full-face mask - there could be splitter, separating in-mask space to isolated chambers so, that breath will not touch glasses. Additionally, to prevent breath break-through, eye chamber could have own air entry from filters and valves in separator, allowing air direction only from eyes towards mouth/nose.
With such design problem of glasses perspiration would not even appear.

Yet, in previous reply i did not assume ability to wear IR googles above full gas mask. Is it possible really?
I have seen some more or less modern screenshots and posters from other games, where night vision device is mounted on head, but with device itself looking rather like binocular, and is able to rotate up/down. Which seems to be not designed to have good FOV - i doubt, that it can reach 45° - may be 30°.

Ufoai's IR google look assumes they would have pretty good FOV. Probably more than 45°. But how good such glasses are above mask? Or should not this case have exception, keeping in mind, that there are already enogh game assumption, like e.g. scaning working only by manual trigger? (the last - too strange approach to be expected, before i figured it out)
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