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Author Topic: Memory leak, or just my ancient laptop acting up...  (Read 1841 times)

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Memory leak, or just my ancient laptop acting up...
« on: June 19, 2014, 02:17:05 pm »
It was a long session, during which I have a nasty habit of alttabing...during last mission, there as a sudden FPS drop, game went very choppy, virtually unplayable. Some numbers and names weren't showing, apparently on random. This went on for ~30 secs, then game went back to normal, only to return to same thing a minute or two later. This cycle went on and on, until I finished the mission, then I saved, quit the game and now posting the bug...

I thought it might be just a problem with my computer, but this seemed to affect only UFOAI program. I have winamp playing on background, and it went smoothly all the time. I didn't try to alttab.

Anyway...the map was office complex, UFO...don't know how it's called yet, it looks like a bus, flies 1440 km/h and kicks like a mule. Couldn't bring it down using 5xSAM, two laser turrets, Saracen with 2x PB, Stiletto with alien launcher (AM missiles), PB and laser cannon. Attaching log and dxdiag.

Edit: it's 2.5-win32, April 14th release.
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