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Author Topic: early gameproduction less pointless, autoproduce/purchase, copy/paste equiping  (Read 1576 times)

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currently producing standard items is pointless. they are there on the market in abundant numbers (which could be randomized). spending time to produce those things is really pointless at the moment, because the production price is the very same as the market price AND you have to wait for the item to be produced. while the second one is rather realistic, the first one is not. finished goods are more expensive because people who produced them spend their time to form resources into those finished products. i think the same principle should be applied to ufo:ai.
producing items make take time, but would be cheaper to produce than buying on the market (also cheaper if you calculate worker costs into this)
i understand that workshops are there to produce items you can not buy, but it would make sense to produce stuff cheaper than buying it.

also i would like auto purchase or production for usable items like magazines or grenades. either you buy the stuff after every mission to keep the stock up, or you buy huge amounts (and occupy lots of storage space) and forget about it until you run out hand have to reequip soliders.

while we're at reequipping soliders, i like a copy-paste option. i tend to give my soliders a standard loadout, or have different 'classes' of soliders have the exact same stuff. so when i get like a new weapon for assault purposes, i have to reequip every single assault solider with that weapon. i would like to equip one, hit a save, or copy button and just hit load or past on all soliders and they get equipped with the same stuff.

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Saving standard layouts is a good idea, but I have no idea how feasible it would be to implement. Soldier loadouts must be saved somewhere... ???