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Author Topic: 2.5 branch created - nightly and source-code builds effected  (Read 10231 times)

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2.5 branch created - nightly and source-code builds effected
« on: September 26, 2013, 12:54:51 pm »
We have now created a branch for 2.5, which means our repository is now effectively on 2.6-dev. If you download regular nightly builds, you will notice in the next nightly that the save game location has moved to a new 2.6 directory, so you will need to transfer your save game files. If you compile from source, this will occur the next time you update your source.

We have also begun merging some aspects of UI2 into 2.6-dev. If you want to continue stable play, we encourage you to use the 2.5 branch for the time being. We will hopefully provide some release candidates in the near future for you to play with the latest fixes. But remember "near future" is relative to our generally slow pace, so they may not be available terribly soon.