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Author Topic: seemingly 2 problems on intercept  (Read 1863 times)

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seemingly 2 problems on intercept
« on: September 15, 2013, 09:20:16 pm »
(win version 2.5 sept 4th on win 7 / 64 Bit)
problem no.1
ufo's on intercept missions seemingly don't fight other ships any more and though can be shot down without damage
i am not totally sure but i think that was different and more logical on earlier versions already
explanation for picture:
#2 (Dragon NA) intercepts #1 (ufo)
#3 (corrupter) intercepts #2 (Dragon NA, can read it @ top)
#4 (starchaser) intercepts #3 (ufo), will be without damage in my version

problem no.2
i am _not_ totally sure but it feels like the starchaser (once in in-fight) wont use its main weapons (particle beams) any longer and instead will kill the ufo using its laser only. the fight takes much longer than expected and a rapid laser sound is all i can hear. might be worth a check.

picture + savegame attached for  no 1 and no 2

something i forgot to mention

there is another interception problem (no.3):
if your interceptor is faster than the ufo it intercepts _AND_ approaches it from ahead _AND_ you choose a slow clock timing (5 minutes or lower for example) it happens that your interceptor will stay ahead of the ufo until either its changed manually or the ufo turns (so that the interceptor is behind the ufo). Being very unlucky it can even happen that the ufo may shoot while the interceptor is out of range. if required i could try to create such a savegame.

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Re: seemingly 2 problems on intercept
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2013, 10:15:05 pm »
thanks a lot for the detailed report - i've opened a ticket for this