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Author Topic: SAM site assisting bug  (Read 4332 times)

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SAM site assisting bug
« on: May 20, 2013, 01:47:38 am »

Win7 64bit

In the save there is a UFO coming into range of a SAM site, I also have a saracen nearby ready to intercept.  Now if you have the saracen move away, you'll see the UFO is consistently downed by the SAM site in 3 volleys, but leaves no crash site regardless of whether the saracen is in range or it is downed within the radar range.

If I have the saracen engage the UFO after 2 volleys, the SAM site stops firing.  The saracen is destroyed, and then the UFO moves on, and is hit several more times by the SAM site, yet now it seems invincible and the SAM site cannot destroy it.

1) In the second scenario, since the SAM site has hit the UFO twice, and after the air battle it then hits the UFO several more times but never destroys it, even though it consistently destroys it in 3 volleys in the first scenario.  It seems like somehow the air battle causes the UFO to become invincible.

Now these seem like bugs as well, but maybe by design.  It would seem like the SAM site's targetting should be advanced enough that it can assist during an air battle(usually friendly craft have electronics that white list them to avoid friendly targetting).
2) SAM site does not assist in the air battle.

3) If the SAM site downs a UFO within radar range, or in close proximity to a friendly craft, there should be a crash site.(or is it obliterated?  Perhaps a message indicating "The UFO was obliterated in midair, leaving no crash site.")

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Re: SAM site assisting bug
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2013, 09:36:44 am »
v2.4 was a long ago and 2.5-dev changed a lot especially in balancing armors and damages. (I have no 2.4 atm)

I remember an invincible UFO bug from the past where the UFOs' "health" could drop below zero without being destroyed, but it was fixed. From your savegame it doesn't seem to be the case, all UFOs have positive damage value.

No crashsite: the UFO could fall into water but there should be a message about it.

SAM site management: The SAM site will never hit friendly target because it is not coded like that. You can select target for a SAM site on the second tab of the interception dialog but it searches for targets by default (this behaviour can be disabled on it's management page)