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Author Topic: reflex shots  (Read 10693 times)

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reflex shots
« on: July 05, 2013, 04:32:58 pm »
First of all, thank you for this fantastic game, I m big fan of X-com from the  first, I was delighted to discover it. Your game is more interesting than the first on PS1 and even if full of other have been around, the more "pretty"
no one was as addictive as 1st. So Congratulations!
As good french (meaning never happy), I would criticize ONE thing reflex shots. this is very good to take this principle, it says I do not understand that the aliens shoot me reflexively as I do not move ...
I m says when I promenne on the map, an enemy sees me, pulls me over by reflex, I find it normal .. however when I'm facing an enemy alone, mostly in the early part, near my ship, and I just decide to shoot him without moving, why is it that makes the first?
If the alien shooting in the second by reflex, after me as I do not move, I would agree, but that it takes the first while I'm still bothers me and that principle was not valid on the other X -com.
do you understand me? I m sorry for my bad English ^^
Sincerely, Soubi, the one of your fan.

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Re: reflex shots
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