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Author Topic: [2.5_dev_12/12/23] Soldier stuck in animation after firing Grenade Launcher  (Read 2208 times)

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After firing a shot from the grenade launcher, my soldier is stuck in animation. I believe it's her shooting animation - she keeps moving her arms while the gun hovers in front of her face. When moving the soldier, she stops and does her regular breathing exercises again.

I have observed this on two occasions now. They don't do this on every shot; there may be other factors that need to be present for this glitch to occur. Some coincidental things that may or may not be related:

 - My soldier got shot (including fatal wounds) before firing.
 - It was an impact shot, not timed. (My other soldier with a grenade launcher did not get stuck in their firing animation after firing timed grenades)
 - The soldier was standing, not kneeling.
 - It may only happen to a soldier with a specific appearance (see screenshot).
 - It may happen only to female soldiers.

I was able to reproduce the glitch with the same soldier it first happened to, but was unable to test firing impact grenades with my other soldier during the same mission. I will attempt some further testing on this.

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This has been around a while (?), I don't know if it's in the tracker?

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