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Author Topic: Installation Ubuntu 64  (Read 1941 times)


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Installation Ubuntu 64
« on: November 09, 2006, 05:43:08 pm »
Hello, i cannot install the game under Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper 64bits.

I first tried to use the Linux-installer and it said "Verifying archive integrity... All good. Uncompresing UFO:Alien Invasion 2.0-RC5 Installer ..................................." and finished but the game doesnt appear to be installed or uncompresed in any place.

So i decided to compile it from de SVN version following the tutorial , it take about 7 hours to compile the maps... but finally when I put ./ufo it said that "./ufo: line 32: /usr/lib/games/ufoai/ufo: No existe el fichero ó directorio" (file doesnt exists), but it yes exist in /usr/lib/games/ufoai/trunk/debian/ so i modified PATH but then it said "/usr/lib/games/ufoai/trunk/debian/ufo: line 32: /usr/lib/games/ufoai/ufo: No existe el fichero ó directorio"... but now it that exist and its in that place.

When i use the "make" during the compilation it also give me a few errors:

"src/qcommon/cmodel.c: En la función ‘CMod_LoadSubmodels’:
src/qcommon/cmodel.c:203: aviso: el formato ‘%i’ espera el tipo ‘int’, pero el argumento 4 es del tipo ‘long unsigned int’
 * [UFO] src/qcommon/common.c
src/qcommon/common.c:38:31: error: ../../svnversion.h: No existe el fichero ó directorio
src/qcommon/common.c: En la función ‘Mem_TagMalloc’:
src/qcommon/common.c:1253: aviso: el formato ‘%i’ espera el tipo ‘int’, pero el argumento 3 es del tipo ‘size_t’
make: *** [debug-linux-gnu-x86_64/client/qcommon/common.o] Error 1"

¿any ideas?


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Installation Ubuntu 64
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2006, 05:46:27 pm »
I cant really read your errormessage but have a look at
it might solve your problem too, i missed some lib too but min not sure if it was thatone, if that post dosent help you ask in the IRC, there are quite often ppl that know about the specific problems.