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Author Topic: UFO:AI needs you. Yes, you.  (Read 48791 times)

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Re: UFO:AI needs you. Yes, you.
« Reply #90 on: December 15, 2012, 05:28:21 am »
I posted here under a different name some years or months back, before the game was playable. I was one of the first to suggest the 'UFO yard' among other things, happy to have contributed. I really like the setting and the hard-scifi gritty feel of the game. This game kicks ass. It's got almost everything right. It's the sequel to XCOM that should have happened years ago. The release of the the new name-brand 'AAA' level xcom game really made me realize how bad every remake and sequel of the original game is/was. Mass-market games are out-of-touch of what makes these originals so appealing. UFO:AI has it right, because the people making it know what they are doing. The music in UFO AI is AAA, the geoscape globe is fucking amazing to me. Needs more lights in Africa and whereever, because it's the future, but it looks very slick, well polished, no lag or nothing. Gameplay is solid.

I'd contribute to mapping. I'm really sick of playing crashed_scout. A lot of the maps, need improvement and more variation. I made maps for Doom and Starcraft, for years on end, surely not quite the same, but I think I know how to make decent game levels, I'm looking forward to the 2.5 release so the map editor actually works. Also, I'm sure to bitch and complain about things in the game that I don't like.

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Re: UFO:AI needs you. Yes, you.
« Reply #91 on: December 15, 2012, 01:19:26 pm »
Have you tried the nightly builds for 2.5 with the Radiant installer on our download page? Check under the "Development (latest)" section.