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Author Topic: Various non-wanted features gathered while translating...  (Read 2274 times)

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Various non-wanted features gathered while translating...
« on: October 20, 2012, 12:46:24 pm »
Version 2.4 may be obsolete, but in case some bugs have been "forwarded" into 2.5, I keep on signaling some non-wanted features :

1°) Mouseover tip :
L11303 : geoscape.ufo:1245
"Build the radar tower" message is a hint for the "Build" button which is used for ALL sites : SAM, yards AND towers. I could  have a more generic hint like "Build this site".

2°) Mail :
L6050, L6071 :
Although stungreb_txt and stungre_pre_txt are both signed by Dr. Connor, they appear to be SENT by Cdr. Navarre. The wiki is correct, however.

3°) Options : Not sure
L12415, L12423 in Global Options, Tooltips :
L12415 "Tooltips:" is associated with hint L12411 "Enable mouseover tooltips".
L12423 "Cursor Tooltip" is associated with hint L12419 "Enable tooltip for the cursor"
Sounds correct, save that french translation IS inverted (i.e. mouseover hint for cursor tooltip). I don't know if a former translator has tried to correct a bug or if he really has scrambled things, since whether I try to disable/enable the tooltips, I always get the mouseover green text tooltips (!?). Most probably do I mistake tooltips for hints... :-[

4°) Typo :
en:bolterrifle_pre_txt : 'against our current long-rang marksman weaponry'.
(check Wiki)