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Author Topic: Battlescape: Are you in need of a weapon?  (Read 1540 times)

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Battlescape: Are you in need of a weapon?
« on: October 09, 2012, 03:59:00 pm »
In the battlescape, currently actors can only take objets that have been (intentionally or not) dropped. Does soldier A need a weapon? In that case, soldier B must drop a weapon, and soldier A must retrieve it from the ground. Isn't weird?

I miss an option to give a weapon, a weapon magazine or any other item your active soldier hold in one hand (or both hands) to another actor that is next to him/her (as far as the second actor has one/two empty hands). Examples: imagine a disarmed soldier, a soldier that has run out of anmunition, or even a military who is supposed to oppose as far as possible to any alien threat.

The action of giving the item itself should have a minimal TU cost, lets say 1TU for one-hand items and 2 TUs for two-hand items. If the item is not in carried in hand, you would previously need to place it there (from backup, holster, etc) with the corresponding TU cost.

I can't evaluate this proposal from a "coding point of view", so I simply mention this idea here, in case that you consider that it is worth being implemented. At least, it makes sense...  ;)