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Author Topic: ufo2map.exe problems  (Read 9151 times)

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Re: ufo2map.exe problems
« Reply #15 on: January 26, 2013, 07:35:10 pm »
It's old here, but sorry I have the same problems as related in 1st post. Ufo2map not only runs silently but it doesn't produce the expected output file anywhere (I checked by a researsh on the entire disks). So I've grabbed the file generously provided by Ship-it and it had began to work but finally produced this output (attachment).

Other question. I'ven't tested because I had no working version of Ufo2Map but is it useful to set up the path for this tool under radiant in order to let him compile or check the errors by itself (radiant compile menu) ?

Thanks for any informations about why my grabbed Ufo2map doesn't want to write a BSP at the end...