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Author Topic: multiplayer issues  (Read 2430 times)

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multiplayer issues
« on: May 01, 2012, 08:49:50 pm »
Some multiplayer observations/questions:

[1] When you start equiping a team, you have a limited number of items. However, it seems that when you go to the equipment screen of an existing team again at a later time, he does not take into account the fact that you already assigned a lot of equipment (the in stock equiment is as if you had nothing assigned yet)
[2] A variant of [1], if your teams consist of eg ortnoks, for a new team you get alien armor. However, if you go to the equipment screen again for an existing ortnok team, you get a stock with human armour. Now, if you try to assign that to the aliens, your alien dissappears, I guess because there is no image of an alien in human armour available. Sadly, if you try to start a multiplayer mission which such human armourded aliens, you immediatly quit to the main menu or desktop (don't remember) when you start the mission (I was really hoping for some 'invisible' alien action there)
[3] Is it possible to somehow reorder the soldiers in a team (to do as one of the hints suggest, put the best soldiers on top)? 
[4] It is not entirely obvious how one of your existing teams is selected for multiplayer missions. The last one you entered to equipment screens for seems to work reliably ?
[5] Multiplayer is extremely unstable (as in totally unusable). I tried around 5 1on1 games, and we managed to finish only 1. All others ended with one of us exiting to the desktop (nothing special in console log, but I add the last one for completeness). Also, I had to let the other person be the server, because if I am the server we had a 100% crash rate when the other person connected (he crashed to the desktop, my side did not). I think that in the games we could start (with me being the client), it was also most often me that crashed to the desktop (so I have the feeling the client side is the most unstable).
( Both systems running W7 x64)

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Re: multiplayer issues
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2012, 09:17:43 pm »
Thanks for playing multiplayer. As you saw, it is still in early development stages. A couple of us hope to concentrate on improving it for 2.5, so your comments/feedback is useful.

1. Yeah, that has been noted. I think there's a bug report for it.

2. Interesting. Would you be willing to make a bug report about this on our sourceforge bug tracker?

3. Not at the moment, no.

4. Definitely noted. Should be made more clear in the future.