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Author Topic: a few suggestions & bugs  (Read 1876 times)

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a few suggestions & bugs
« on: November 17, 2006, 08:19:24 pm »
I playing RC6

1.double left-click to equip/uneqip (move) equipment from/to soldier - sometimes is very frustrating to move cca 40 items from/to soldiers
2.add greyed out images of two-handed weapons to other hand (like in grenade laucher) to all others two-handed weapons.
3. better info of weapons - in main screen (equping of soldiers) - please, add more info, not only one/two handed and max. ammo  and this is all. It will be nice to have more info - e.q cost of TU to fire one(or more) shoots, wheigt, damege + damage type...etc.
4. highliting of mags for seletced (draged) type of weapon.
5. more mmo types -e.q AP (armour piercing - against armoured) , normal (universal) , HP (hollow point - soft) for (all) weapons. And mayby new type (currently not used for hand veapons) - DU - depleted uranium - advanced AP - very costly.
6. add to purschrasing/selling screen to top of screen buy/sell icon to instantly know if I buy or sell equpment. pop-up of "target" icon over alien to "one-click shot".
8. PLEASE move soldier equipúing to main (base) screen - I hate if I want to equip soldier go - planes/assign soldier/equp soldier.
9.shotcurts - it will be nice to have shotcurts - e.q. i for inventory, it wil be great time-saver.

bugs :
1. bad auto-equip logic (new game)- often assigning ammo of two/three types to one soldier, using one/two types of weapons. And assigning knife to slodier with large numbers of mags (why combat at hand-to-hand with dozen of mags?).